Wednesday’s Ask Dr. Walt — Vitamin D Oral Sprays

Dear Dr. Walt,

Are vitamin D oral sprays more effective than vitamin D pills or drops? A friend who sells them says that they are.

—Distressed in Washington

Dear Concerned,

There are scores of vitamin D oral sprays that are heavily marketed as being more effective than the same vitamin when swallowed. And, according to the experts at, “There is preliminary evidence suggesting they may be more effective than a pill” for some people. The reason is that there may be greater absorption from the mouth than the stomach or intestine. Now, for people with malabsorption conditions, this is likely true most of the time. But for all other adults and children, I agree with the experts who say that the belief that vitamins are better absorbed from the mouth is “not well-established.” Since it’s easy to test vitamin D blood levels and oral vitamin D sprays are far more expensive, I don’t recommend them and do not believe they are cost effective for most folks.

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