Wednesday’s Ask Dr. Walt — Saving Money on Supplements

Dear Dr. Walt,

Is it better to buy supplements that are in combination formulas or buy them as single-ingredients? It seems like the combinations are less expensive.

—Frugal in Florida

Dear Thrifty,

According to Tod Cooperman, MD, the President of, “It’s generally best to buy and use single-ingredient supplements.” He said that there are several reasons for this.

  • You are more likely to get what’s listed on the label with a single-ingredient supplement. Years of testing by have shown that combination products are more likely to contain incorrect amounts of one or more ingredients — and they are more likely to be contaminated.
  • With a single-ingredient supplement, the recommended daily serving of that ingredient is more likely to be clinically relevant than if the ingredient is part of a combination formula, where a tiny amount may be included merely as “window dressing.”
  • Most combinations on the market have not been clinically tested. He also wisely points out that “using single-ingredient supplements gives you a better idea of which ingredients work and which do not, as well as which are causing side-effects. This allows you to adjust your supplements and dosage to better suit your needs.”
  • You may find it actually costs less to purchase ingredients as separate supplements than in a combination formula. Dr. Coopeman pointed out, “Many single-ingredient products of high quality and low cost are identified in the’s Product Reviews.”

The only time I would recommend a combination formula is when that exact combination has been shown to work in one or more well-controlled clinical trials and it is less expensive to purchase (or much more convenient to use) than the corresponding collection of single-ingredient supplements.

Dr. Walt

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