Wednesday’s Ask Dr. Walt — Low-fat versus Low-carb diets?

Dear Dr. Walt,

My wife and I are in a debate? She says “low-fat” and I say, “low-carbs.” Can you settle this one for us?

—Debating our Diets in Montana

Dear Deliberators,

The morning I received your question, a new study crossed my desk. It’s a new meta-analysis in the Lancet: Diabetes and Endocrinology. The authors examined 53 clinical studies and found that low-fat diets were not associated with long-term weight loss in adults.

This isn’t exactly news, but it does put another nail in the coffin for the low-fat diet. Low-carb and Mediterranean diets, on the other hand, seem to work out better for long-term weight loss. And, they are likely healthier for your heart and cardiovascular system (fewer strokes and heart attacks).

Those of us who grew up in the era in which experts recommended low fat foods and a low fat diet may still be reluctant to accept the idea that the science is evolving. But as it stands now, the low-carb and Mediterranean diets seem to be superior to low fat.

By the way, I also recently saw another study that argued that those of us trying to lose weight should “Count Bites to Subtract Pounds.” Researchers asked 61 volunteers to tally the number of bites they took each day and pledge to take 20 percent to 30 percent fewer bites over the next four weeks. They also tracked their intake of liquids other than water.

The participants who kept their vow lost about four pounds during that month – about what the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends for healthy weight loss. It also confirms what we already knew: Consuming less food makes a difference.

This Q&A was originally published in the May 2015 edition of Today’s Christian Living.

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  1. Joel Spector says:

    I guess it’s best not to eat at all, then you’re safe!

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