Wednesday’s Ask Dr. Walt — Is Aluminum Causing Alzheimer’s?

Dear Dr. Walt,

I’ve heard that antiperspirants have aluminum in them and that aluminum has been linked to Alzheimer’s. Is this true?

—Sweaty in South Carolina

Dear Sweltering,

The Internet rumors about aluminum in antiperspirants causing Alzheimer’s and breast cancer have been swirling through cyberspace for many, many years. Many antiperspirants contained an aluminum-based compound that temporarily plugs the sweat ducts and prevents you from perspiring. And, this is combined with a deodorant containing a pleasant aroma. But, it’s the aluminum that’s generating all the worries.

According to every expert I’ve read and the dozens of studies I’ve looked at, there’s no risk at all. For example, the American Cancer Society says, “There is no evidence that antiperspirant or deodorant use increases cancer risk.” And, according to the Alzheimer’s Association, “Concerning any link between Alzheimer’s and aluminum … there hasn’t been any definitive evidence to suggest there is a link.”

The bottom line? You should not sweat these rumors.

This Q&A was originally published in the July 2016 edition of Today’s Christian Living.

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