Wednesday’s Ask Dr. Walt — Canadian Pharmacies

Do you have any advice on how to find trusted pharmacies to refill my prescriptinos in Canada?

—Comparing Prices in Iowa

Dear Saavy Shopper,

My friend, Tod Cooperman, MD, started a company in 2002,, to evaluate pharmacies in Canada and elsewhere that sell to Americans online. It has become the major, independent source of information on this subject and I trust the site implicitly and have recommended it for over a decade.

You can use the website to find approved online pharmacies and to compare drug prices.

Prices on brand name medications are often up to 80% lower than in the US because drug prices are lower in other countries where governments negotiate and/or limit prices on medicine.

Most of these online pharmacies work with licensed pharmacies in multiple counties, allowing you to find and chose the lowest price around the world – which might be from a pharmacy in England, for example, rather than Canada.

It typically takes about two weeks for you to receive your medication.

You must provide a valid prescription from your doctor and the drug cannot be a controlled substance, such as a narcotic.

Be aware that, technically, it remains illegal for you to get your medication from outside the US. However, the US government has not prosecuted Americans who do this for themselves (buying no more than a 3-month supply), and an estimated 4 million Americans get their medication this way.

For more information, go to

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