Wednesday’s Ask Dr. Walt — Problems with Probiotics

Dr. Walt,

I’m hearing more and more about the health benefits of probiotics. Do you recommend them?

Possibly Pro Probiotics in New Jersey

Dear Undecided,

Probiotics have become popular among people hoping to improve a belly-full of gastrointestinal issues, but new findings may leave you with a sour stomach. They contain friendly bacteria, and studies have shown they can aid in digestion, bowel function, boosting immunity, and even weight loss.

However, skyrocketing sales often lead to unscrupulous companies trying to cash in. recently tested nineteen probiotic supplements, and nearly a fourth contained only a fraction of the organisms they claimed—as low as 16% of the listed amount.

Probiotics are one of the most expensive dietary supplements, so use caution. Research products carefully, only buy from established brands (such as those “approved” by, or ask your doctor or pharmacist what they recommend.

Hopefully, that’s advice worth digesting.

This Q&A was originally published in the May 2015 edition of Today’s Christian Living.

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  1. Bose Ravenel says:

    Good points.
    Speaking from the perspective of a pediatric functional medicine practitioner, I have learned that fermented foods contain trillions to hundreds of trillions of the good bacteria and much wider array of strains. Fecal transplants have been successful in reversing 100% of type 2 diabetes patients in a study of 200 proving the immense potential for this approach. Read The Autoimmune Solution by Dr. Amy Myers.
    Bose Ravenel

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