The Most Popular Posts for 2018

Of the over 150 blogs I posted in 2018, here are the twenty that received the largest numbers of unique visitors out of the 80,343 who visited this year. Although not all of the blogs were written in 2018, those from earlier years have, in general, been updated. Enjoy! And, a Happy and Healthy New Year to each of you!!

1) My Recommendations for Eliminating Nausea and Vomiting (Morning Sickness) in Pregnancy
2) Taking low-dose aspirin and NSAIDs can be a challenge
3) Bible Study: The High Calling of Servanthood
4) 10 Reasons Married Women May Not Have A Satisfying Sex Life
5) If You Are Going to take Fish Oil — here’s how to take the right amount
6) Vaccine Myth #13: Vaccinations are made from aborted babies
7) Medical and Spiritual Considerations for Christian Fasting
8) Praying for Our Unborn Children and Grandchildren
9)My Recommendations for Glucosamine, Chondroitin, and SAMe for Osteoarthritis
10) Less Than 25% of Valerian Herbal Sleep Supplements Pass Tests For Quality
11) Wednesday’s Ask Dr. Walt — Vitamin D oral sprays vs pills vs drops
12) 10 Tips for Pacifier Use and Pacifier Weaning
13) Faith-Based Health and Healing – Part 5 – What Causes Sickness?

14) How to choose the right Melatonin supplement for sleep
15) Faith-Based Health and Healing – Part 1 – What does the Bible say about health?
16) Does finger length predict a private part’s length in men?
17) The “Purple Pill” (PPIs) could cause serious long-term adverse effects
18) If you consider Garcinia cambogia for weight loss … beware!
19) An Amazing Thanksgiving Proclamation — by the President of the United States of America
20) A hot product on the Internet, but should you consider L-methylfolate instead of folic acid?

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