Take Action: Support Your Doctors’ Freedom of Conscience

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is seeking comments on its proposed regulations to further protect the moral and religious rights of pro-life medical workers. You can help protect your doctor’s “Freedom of Conscience.” 

Here’s how:

The HHS guidelines state that any recipient of federal aid, including hospitals, research clinics and medical schools, that restricts a medical worker’s right of conscience could lose federal funding.

“Right of conscience is the most basic and one that our country was founded upon,” says my friend, Dr. David Stevens, CEO of the Christian Medical Association. “The regulations that have been proposed by Health and Human Services provide blanket protection for people to exercise their conscience.”

Here’s how you can TAKE ACTION:

You can encourage the Department of Health and Human Services to continue to protect medical workers’ right of conscience. You can find contact information through the Citizen Link Action Center

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