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Colon Cleansing and Body Detoxification: Any Evidence of Benefit or Harm?

Claims of marked health benefits from “detoxification” have stimulated public interest in colonic cleansing and generated a multimillion-dollar industry promoting oral agents, colonic hydrotherapy, or enema therapies designed to empty the bowel. Questions about colonic cleansing are among the most … Continue reading

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Is Prince Charles Endorsing Quackery? His Herbal Detox Products Stir Controversy

In an unusual turn of events, a prominent scientist in the United Kingdom is accusing Prince Charles of contributing to the “ill health of the nation” by backing with his name an herbal detox product that sells for about $13.75 … Continue reading

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Debunking The Myth of “Detoxification”

Medical News Today has a report from a group of over 300 young UK scientists and engineers who investigated the evidence behind claims made for products and diets. The group has started a public awareness campaign by publishing a dossier … Continue reading

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