Vitamin E can be harmful

You may be hearing that vitamin E increases the risk of prostate cancer. This was a surprise to many doctors, but is actually based upon reliable evidence.

Vitamin E was often recommended to PREVENT prostate cancer … based on several older studies.

The latest big randomized trial suggests the opposite. It shows one more case of prostate cancer for every 625 men taking 400 units per day of vitamin E for one year.

There are also cardiovascular concerns.

Vitamin E may increase the risk of hemorrhagic strokes … and taking 400 units/day may increase the risk of heart failure in patients with diabetes or heart disease.

Vitamin E proponents will point out that the new findings are for SYNTHETIC vitamin E. They’re right. Keep in mind this is the form most users get.

But, according to the experts at the Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database (NMCD), there’s no solid proof that NATURAL vitamin E is safer or more effective than the synthetic versions.

The NMCD tells us doctors, “Discourage using vitamin E to prevent cancer or heart disease.”

They also tell prescribers, “Don’t go out of your way to discourage using regular multivits … as long as they do not contain large amounts of synthetic vitamin E.”

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