Reducing your and your kids’ risk of diabetes

If type 2 diabetes runs in your family, you may find yourself worrying about whether it will show up in you or your kids. And your worries are well-founded as people at high genetic risk for type 2 diabetes are in fact more likely to develop it at some point in their lifetime. However, according to researchers in the Netherlands, there’s a way to dramatically reduce the risk.

Their study followed over 8000 participants for almost 20 years.

The study subjects all had a high genetic risk for diabetes but no evidence of the disease at the start of the study.

The researchers reported that participants who maintained a normal body weight had over a 50 percent lower risk for diabetes compared with those with overweight and obesity.

Whether diabetes runs in your family or not, it’s healthy for you and your kids to maintain a normal weight.

But if diabetes runs in your family, then it’s critical.

The findings were published in the journal Diabetic Medicine.

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