Ohio Law To Allow Women to See Ultrasound Before Abortion Will Save Lives

LifeNews.com is reporting a new Ohio law requiring abortion practitioners to give the woman an opportunity to view the active ultrasound image of the unborn child.

The law is another effort to give women information on fetal development they don’t normally receive before an abortion.

My Take?

This is good legislation.

Studies show that when prenatal ultrasound is used in pregnancy centers, most women (up to 90% in some studies) choose to NOT abort the unborn child.

One expert is reported as saying, “Since women sometimes regret their abortions after later seeing an ultrasound of an unborn baby, this law will help some women avoid the emotional trauma of learning the truth about abortion too late.”

Women may choose not to have an ultrasound – but, for those who do, the likelihood is that the child’s life will be saved.

According to National Right to Life, other states have similar laws in place. Those include Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Michigan, Oklahoma, South Dakota Utah and Wisconsin. 


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