Monthly Family Update – November 2019

Here are the contents of this month’s newsletter:

  1. Released in August, my newest book, “Fit over 50”
  2. Interview about “Fit over 50” with Dr. James Dobson
  3. Encouraging Letter
  4. Answers to Last Month’s Prayers
  5. Prayer Requests for Upcoming Events
  6. Past Issues

1) Released in August, my newest book – “Fit over 50”

Fit over 50: Make Simple Choices Today for a Healthier, Happier You released on August 6. You can learn more about the book and order it here. Feel free to share this information with family and friends.

2) Interview about “Fit over 50” with Dr. James Dobson

I was interviewed by Dr. James Dobson for his national radio program, “Family Talk” about my latest book, “Fit over 50: Make Simple Choices Today for a Healthier, Happier You.” You can still listen to or download either or both broadcasts here:

  • Thursday, September 19th: listen or download here.
  • Friday, September 20th: listen or download here.
Sharing old memories
After the interview

3) Encouraging Letter

Pleasing to any author’s ears are the notes received from grateful readers. This one was a recent blessing. It was sent by a former chairman for the American Medical Association: 

We were visiting Western North Carolina in late August. During that visit with some dear friends, we had the opportunity to visit Bryson City and enjoy some of the surrounding mountains. I bought “Bryson City Tales” from a small shop in Bryson City. Speaking to the cashier, he shared that he bought all three of your Bryson City books for his mother who enjoyed them immensely. I enjoyed reading it again. I had given my copy away. 
I had a copy of “Bryson City Seasons” which you had autographed to me on Feb 14, 2006. I just finished it again. It brought me back memories of our previous relationship in the AAFP [American Academy of Family Physicians]. The memories were immensely and emotionally enjoyable. My daughter is getting me a the “[Bryson City] Secrets” book as a birthday gift. I am anticipating its arrival.
Your writing is so pleasurable to read as you capture feelings and experiences in a manner that so many of us can relate to. I appreciate your God given talents and how you have used them to provide such soul defining and soul-searching events in your life. Your honesty in revealing your thoughts, fears, pain, joy, praises and thanksgivings are compelling and so real in our lives a Christians and the joy of knowing our Father and His son, Jesus Christ, as our Savior.
When I was Chair of the AMA Board, the Lord compelled me to start my tenure in July 2007 with a prayer at my first dinner in my yearlong capacity as Chair. I finished my tenure on the Board by sharing Proverbs 3:5-6 with the House of Delegates. I chose to use that platform to encourage other spiritual physicians to let the Light shine through in all the circumstances in which they find themselves. I did not preach, I just said these are two verses have been an important guidance in my life and a source of great strength. I used an Old Testament reference to reach out to my Jewish friends to let them know how important the Old Testament is in the lives of Christians.
Keep up the good work, Blessings and grace to your family.

4) Answers to Last Month’s Prayers

  • Oct 1-5: Barb and I were in Chicago for the AMA RUC meeting. After serving on the RUC since 1991, this was my last RUC meeting. I was pleased to share a few words with the RUC and grateful for their two standing ovations. I pray the Lord was pleased and that my salt was flavorful and my light attractive for Him.
  • Oct 11-13: Barb and I were at the Maranatha Conference Center on the shore of Lake Michigan to teach a “How to Have a Crazy Good Marriage” Conference for the Christian Medical and Dental Associations. There were about 80 healthcare professionals and we were delighted to see how the Lord moved in many of the marriages. Barb and I had a number of individual counseling sessions with couples that were very fruitful. The host of the conference wrote, “As always the presentations were excellent, and the handouts well-conceived and very helpful. You did a suburb job and Barb, even though reluctant, is equal to the challenge and is a great compliment to you.” Amen to that!
  • Oct 13-16: Barb and I visited with our dear friends and editors, Dave and Cindy Lambert. The four of us traveled to Mackinac Island for a few days. We were working on four books together that are in various stages of development. It was great fun. Cindy has been my editor for about a dozen of my books and David for my four novels. We had a great visit and are so very blessed by their friendship and immense professional skills.
  • Oct 28 – Nov 2: Barb and I will be in Kissimmee, FL, interviewing folks for my upcoming book, tentatively titled, “The Best Medicine: Tales of Humor and Hope from a Small-Town Doctor.” We barely made it out of Colorado Springs, leaving in the few hours between the third and fourth major snow events of this fall. In Florida, we’re expecting 70 degree nights and 80 degree days. And we’re praying for very fruitful visits and interviews with some dear friends.

5) Prayer Requests for Upcoming Events

  • Nov 7-8: I will be speaking at the annual Global Missions Health Conference at Southeast Christian Church (25,000 members) in Louisville, KY. 2,500 health professionals who are considering mission work are expected to attend. I’ll be addressing them on “How to Be an Everyday Missionary.”
  • Nov 22: I will be attending the International Board meeting of Morning Star Development.
  • Nov 28: We’ll have family and friends over for our favorite holiday of the year – Thanksgiving.

6) Past Issues of our family newsletter

  • October 2019
  • 1) Just released, my newest book, “Fit over 50”
  • 2) Interview about “Fit over 50” with Dr. James Dobson
  • September 2019
  • 1) Just released, my newest book, “Fit over 50”
  • 2) Lifetime Achievement Award
  • 3) Today’s Christian Living “Ask Dr. Walt” column
  • August 2019
  • 1)   COMING AUGUST 6, MY NEWEST BOOK: “Fit over 50”
  • 2)   Interview about “Fit over 50”
  • 3)   Amazing Endorsements for “Fit over 50”

You can get more information on many of our upcoming events here.

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