Monthly Family Update – May 2020

Here are the contents of this month’s newsletter:

  1. First Endorsement for “The Best Medicine”
  2. 2020 Walk for Life
  3. Today’s Christian Living “Ask Dr. Walt” column
  4. Want to Read “Best Medicine” before everyone else?
  5. Answers to last month’s prayers
  6. Prayer requests for this month
  7. Past Issues

1) My Very First Endorsement for “The Best Medicine”

I’ve told you in past letters about my next book, coming this October. I write about my early family medicine practice days in Kissimmee, Florida. It’s called “The Best Medicine: Tales of Humor and Hope from a Small-Town Doctor.”

I’ve received my very first endorsement, and I’m so excited to share it with you:

I was raised a small-town girl . . . a small-town girl who moved from the low country of coastal Georgia to the “big city” in Central Florida. The Best Medicine resonated within every fiber of my being.

I have always enjoyed “small-town, front-porch tales,” and Dr. Walt Larimore’s book fits the bill perfectly.

I guarantee that when you read this collection of stories that reflect on his family’s move from Bryson City, NC to Kissimmee, FL you will laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll yearn for a simpler time . . . and you will desire to know the daily God, “the God of our days,” more intimately.

Eva Marie Everson
CBA #1 Bestselling Author & Award-winning Speaker
President, Word Weavers International, Inc.

2) 2020 Walk for Life

Barb and I have supported Life Network and their Walk for Life for 19 years. We love this organization and its selfless, amazing ministry to young families and babies. We hope you’ll lend your support to our walk and this wonderful ministry. Every little donation can help. Click here if you’d like to support us!

3) Today’s Christian Living “Ask Dr. Walt” column

I enjoy being able to answer questions from the readers of Today’s Christian Living magazine in my “Ask Dr. Walt” column. Here are my Q&As from the May 2020 issue. You can click on any you’re interested in reading them online. I hope you’ll consider getting a subscription:

  • Sitting Disease
  • My family doctor said I must start exercising. She said it will prevent illness and help me live longer and better. I’m not so sure. Thoughts? — Sofa Bound in South Carolina
  • Exercise Prescription
  • I’m kind of set in my ways, but I think I’d like to begin an exercise program but am not sure what’s best: walking or running. — Wanting to Move in Montana
  • Walking for Health
  • My wife and I enjoy our walks together. She says she read walking can benefit our physical health as much as our relational health. True? — Romantic in Rhode Island

4) Want to Read “Best Medicine” before everyone else?

On October 6, 2020, my first book about my practice days in Kissimmee (1985-2001), “The Best Medicine: Tales of Humor and Hope from a Small-Town Doctor,” will be released. I’m trying to recruit 100 folks to help me launch the book. Each one would:

  1. Read a free electronic copy of the book sometime this summer,
  2. Pick out a favorite quote from the book,
  3. Post a review on four websites (Amazon, B&N, CBD, and Goodreads – it’s super easy and I’ll show you how), and
  4. Post a review and recommendation on their social media sites (FB, Twitter, Instagram), etc.
  5. Of course, each person who helps will get a free copy of the book once it’s published.

So, would you be (1) willing to do this and (2) recruit others to consider this? If so, email the information below to

  • Your Name
  • Email address 
  • Cell phone number
  • Home address
  • Facebook or Instagram URL link

5) Answers to Last Month’s Prayers

  • Apr 23-28: Barb and I were supposed to return to our hometown of Baton Rouge to join almost 200 former classmates for our 50th high school reunion – but alas, given the virus, that’s been rescheduled for this fall. 
  • Like you, we were home for the month. I continued to see injured workers at UCHealth two days a week. Most of the visits are virtual, which is working remarkably well. 
  • The other days I’m working on four different books:
    • “War Horses: A World War II Hero’s Stories of Savagery, Stallions, and Saving the Lipizzaners” – the book about my father’s exploits. I worked with fiction writer and editor, Dave Lambert, to rewrite several chapters and the book proposal. My agent, Greg Johnson, will be working in May to place it with a publisher. Prayers appreciated!
    • “The Best Medicine: Tales of Humor and Hope from a Small-Town Doctor” – I just finished working with the copy editors and proofreaders. The book is now being “typeset” and I’m expecting to see the “page proofs” in mid-May. See the notes above. It’s still scheduled for release on October 6, 2020.
    • “The Natural Medications Handbook: The Truth About the Most Effective Herbs, Vitamins, and Supplements for Common Conditions” – I turned this book into the publisher on April 17. It’s going through the first of several edits now. It’s still slated for release in April 2021.
    • Finally, I’ve just begun work on the sequel to “The Best Medicine,” tentatively titled, “Seasons of a Small-Town Physician: More Stories of a Young Doctor’s 
    • Practice in Old Florida.” It’s due to the publisher on October 1 and will occupy much of my time these next five months!
  • Every Wednesday evening this last month, Barb and I continued to co-lead Sessions #10-14 of our church’s study through the Re-Engage Marriage Enhancement curriculum. We’re overseeing the entire process as well as leading one of eight small-groups via Zoom – and it’s still working remarkably well. Thanks SO much for praying for wisdom and protection for these 45 couples and 8 leader couples. We indicated last month that several participant couples were continuing to wrestle with strengthening their marriages and three couples, we were told, are on the brink of divorce. Two of those couples are doing much better. Thanks for praying consistently for them.

6) Prayer Requests for Upcoming Events

  • In May we’ll complete the last two sessions of the Re-Engage Marriage Enhancement curriculum with our eight small-groups via Zoom. Please pray we’ll finish strong. Also, please pray for wisdom and guidance for our leaders as we consider how to do the group’s graduation, recommitment ceremony, and celebration.
  • Also, prayers for me as I continue to work with my editors in the development of my three books, and IN PARTICULAR, would you join me in praying a publisher would step forward to publish “War Horses”? Thanks!!!

7) Past Issues of our family newsletter

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    • Recent prayer video for people wrestling with cancer
    • Today’s Christian Living “Ask Dr. Walt” column
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