Monthly Family Update – March 2017

Here are the contents of this month’s newsletter:

  • National Radio Program Interviews Barb and Walt on Marriage
  • James Dobson Interviews Walt on “Spiritual Influence at Work”
  • “Ask Dr. Walt” from Today’s Christian Living
  • Encouraging Feedback – Parts One, Two, Three, and Four
  • Last Month’s Events
  • Upcoming Events

1) National Radio Program Interviews Barb and Walt on Marriage

Barb and I were honored to be interviewed by our friend, Dr. Jim Burns, on his nationally-syndicated radio program, HomeWord. Jim is the President of HomeWord and Executive Director of the HomeWord Center for Youth and Family at Azusa Pacific University.

We hope these programs will be a blessing for you. Feel free to recommend them to others.

2) Dr. James Dobson Interviews Walt on “Spiritual Influence at Work”

My dear friend and co-author, Bill Peel, DMin, and I were interviewed by Dr. James Dobson on his nationally-syndicated radio program, Family Talk on the topic of “How You Can be a Spiritual Influence at Work.”

The program was based upon our award-winning book, “Workplace Grace: Becoming a Spiritual Influence at Work.” The first edition of this book was a 2004 Christianity Today Book of the Year winner. Here’s a description of today’s program from Family Talk:

Most of us spend about 30% of our lives at work, and most of the people we work with are non-believers. God commands us to tell others about Him, so for many of us, our workplace is the mission field we are called to. Today’s guests explain how to take your faith to work in appropriate, engaging ways.

  • You can listen to PART ONE of the program (YESTERDAY’S program) by clickinghere.
  • You can listen to PART TWO of the program (TODAY’S program) here.

I hope you’ll find it a blessing.

3) “Ask Dr. Walt” from Today’s Christian Living

I enjoy being able to answer questions from the readers of Today’s Christian Living in their “Ask Dr. Walt” column. Here are the Q&A’s from the March 2017 issue. I hope you’ll consider getting a subscription

4) Encouraging Feedback – Part One

Jeffrey Maudlin, MD, has just published a book, Grace in Practice: A Mission in Medicine, recounting many amazing stories of his years as a medical missionary in Ecuador. Jeff recently sent me a copy and added this encouragement:

I first met you at a Faith Flags seminar at CMDA national meeting in Dallas; it was a great talk, and I still do that every day in my practice. I was also privileged to hear you sing at the AAFP national meeting several years later; truly a courageous and beautiful thing you did. Also, I’ve enjoyed reading many of your materials. Thanks, in Christ.

No, thank you, Jeff. You’ve blessed me.

5) Encouraging Feedback – Part Two

One of my best friends, Bill Peel, DMin, is the founding Executive Director of the Center for Faith & Work at LeTourneau University. In his weekly “Making Mondays Meaninful” blog, he wrote the following kind words which were a great encouragement to me:

Dr. Walt Larimore is a gifted, award-winning family physician, educator, author, businessman, and personal friend. He’s also the person who has taught me more about how to have winsome faith conversations at work than any other person.

Recently, Dr. James Dobson asked Walt and me to discuss our book Workplace Grace and how we can be a spiritual influence to our colleagues at work.

If you’re like most Christians, you work alongside men and women you care about and would like to spend eternity with. Others are jerks who need some character adjustment right now that only God can bring. Either way, you have the amazing opportunity to both show and tell them about the power of the gospel.

Below you’ll find links to Dr. Dobson’s broadcast and articles that will help you nudge colleagues closer to Christ even if you don’t have the gift of evangelism.

5) Encouraging Feedback – Part Three

Rich McGee, who serves as a missionary to the Faculty Commons, a ministry to college professors, was the man used to lead me to Christ in 1971. He and his wife, Bonnie, have remained special friends ever since. In this month’s ministry newsletter, Rich wrote:

This year marks the completion of 40 years on Cru staff for me. In thinking through highlights, one I wanted to share with you this month involves my first two years on Cru staff at LSU. Three guys that I had helped lead to Christ and disciple were among over 100 LSU students who came to Dallas for Explo 72, a 5-day Christian conference with 85,000 students attending from all over the nation, likely the most visible event of the Jesus Movement. We met in the Cotton Bowl each evening to worship and hear Billy Graham and others. There weren’t enough hotels and motels, so many attendees including me slept on the floor in vacant apartments the conference had secured. Meanwhile these three LSU students I mentioned got to stay at my parent’s home in east Dallas, sleeping in nice beds with Mom cooking breakfast for them! Gil’s is now a dentist, Walt’s a doctor, and Jeff joined Cru staff. They’ve made great impacts for Christ. Jeff, sadly, died of a heart attack in his 30s, in route to a Cru event. Walt and Gil have had significant ministries both through and outside of their practices. They’re getting this letter and are on our financial support team—thanks guys.

No, thanks Rich! The Lord’s immeasurably blessed me through you, Bonnie, and your ministry.

6) Encouraging Feedback – Part Four

For the last year, each Friday I’ve been posting chapters from my best-selling book, Bryson City Tales, on my blog ( This week a Ryan Mallo left a comment on the blog:

I just have to share that this book was given to me when I was in high school by my father; he knew of my intention, at that time, to attend medical school. It’s an amazing book and one that helped shape the person I am today! So grateful that you took the time to pen your stories!

While Jeremy William Henderson wrote this:

I have read all of the Bryson city series and lost them in moving but they are all great books. Dr Walt Larimore is truly a great author and I wish more people were more like him in his spirituality. He truly loves God first but he loves and treats his family in the ways that God tells us to in the Bible. I have never met him in person but I feel as though I know him because of reading his life stories in his books as well as the posts he makes on Facebook. Truly a great person!

For a writer there can be no greater reward that this type of feedback, blessing and encouragement. Thanks, Ryan and Jeremy!

7) Last Month’s Events

  • Feb 1: My dear friend and co-author, Bill Peel, DMin, spent an afternoon with Dr. James Dobson recording two radio programs about our Christianity Today Book of the Year, Workplace Grace: Becoming a spiritual influence at work, for his nationally-syndicated radio program, Family Talk. See the details above.
  • Feb 7-9: Barb and I were in New Orleans where I was doing some research at the National World War 2 Museum for the book I’m doing about my dad’s World War 2 heroics.
  • Feb 10-12: While in New Orleans, we also visited family and I attended an AMA CPT
  • Feb 12-14: We flew to Atlanta to visit the Decatur Larimores.
  • Feb 15-16: I also made a trip with my son, Scott, to Fort Benning, GA, to continue the research on my book about my dad’s World War 2 exploits at the Donovan Research Library and the National Infantry Museum. I was delighted that Scott joined me for this part of the trip.
  • Feb 21, I attended a Life Network Board Meeting in Colorado Springs. I consider it an honor and privilege to serve on this group’s Board.

8) Upcoming Events

  • Apr 17-19: I’ll be attending a Worker’s Compensation Conference at the Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs, CO. Somebody’s gotta do it!
  • Apr 25-30: Barb and I will be in Chicago where I’ll be attending an AMA RUC

9) Past Issues of our family newsletter 

You can get more information on many of our upcoming events here.

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