Monthly Family Update – January 2018

Here are the contents of this month’s newsletter:

  1. Evan’s Miracle
  2. Today’s Christian Living “Ask Dr. Walt” column
  3. Last Month’s Events
  4. Upcoming Events

1) Evan’s Miracle

I posted a three-part story on my blog just before Christmas that turned out to be very popular with readers, many of whom passed this story onto others. If you missed the story, you can find it via the links below:

My dear friend, Reverend John McVay, MDiv, who is the Chief Operations Officer for the In His Image Family Medicine Residency in Tulsa, sent the story out to prospective residents with this note:

As December 25 approaches, I want to share with you and others a favorite story from Christmas past. This was written by Dr. Walt Larimore who teaches at IHI for a week a few times each year as a visiting faculty member.

John wrote me, saying, “Be encouraged. We love sharing your story each year with our applicants. See two of their responses below.”

  • That was one of the best Christmas stories I have ever read in my entire life. Thanks so much for sharing praise God for Evan and the way He wins hearts!! Jesus is amazing. Blessings to you! Lissa

  • Just wanted to say thank you for sending this email. I haven’t heard this story before and was touched by it. What a beautiful experience that reflects Christ’s love and grace within the relationship of a physician and his patient. Bernadette

2) Today’s Christian Living “Ask Dr. Walt” column

I enjoy being able to answer questions from the readers of Today’s Christian Living magazine in my “Ask Dr. Walt” column. Here are the Q&A’s from the January 2018 issue. I hope you’ll consider getting a subscription:

  • Tune in to Advice on Ear Infections
    • I have a son who gets recurrent middle ear infections (acute otitis media). With ear infections being so common in toddlers and kids, what would you recommend for prevention and treatment? Would you recommend a natural, non-antibiotic treatment? Or would you go straight to the doctor for antibiotics?
  • Tune in to Advice on Ear Infections
    • Is fluoride in drinking water actually a good thing or a poison? Aren’t there potential side effects that outweigh its benefit?
  • A Fishy Story
    • Is fish oil safe? I’ve heard it can be contaminated with mercury and PCBs. True?
  • Berry Interested
    • Are cranberry supplements helpful for both men and women when it comes to urinary health? Can they help with symptoms of BPH or prostatitis in men or urinary tract infections in women?

3) Last Month’s Events

  • We were home the entire month of December. No travels. No speaking. Just some time to rest and recover … to reflect on the amazing blessings of this last year … and to prepare for the Christmas and Advent seasons which we once again deeply enjoyed. We pray you and yours had a Christ-centered, warm-memory-creating, family filled Christmas and have a most Blessed New Year.

4) Upcoming Events

  • Jan 10-15: I’ll be attending an AMA RUC meeting in San Diego, CA.

5) Past Issues of our family newsletter

You can get more information on many of our upcoming events here.

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