Monthly Family Update – February 2021

Here are the contents of this month’s newsletter:

  • WWII Book About My Dad’s Heroism and Exploits
  • “Fit over 50” e-book promotion for $1.99 (OFFER ENDS 2/2/21)
  • “Ask Dr. Walt” in Today’s Christian Living
  • Vaccine News You Can Use
  • Answers to last month’s prayers
  • Prayer requests for this month
  • Past Issues

1) WWII Book About My Dad’s Heroism and Exploits

 I’m so happy to tell you that after 15 years of research and writing, the book about my dad’s WWII heroism and exploits was submitted to Knox Press today (2/1/21). The book is scheduled to be released and distributed by Simon & Schuster starting in April 2022 (yes, it takes a year from submission to publication for most books).

Thanks to so many of you who have been praying for this project for so long. The tentative title is, “At First Light: A World War II Story of Struggles, Sacrifice, and Saving the Lipizzaners.”

The two heroes of “At First Light,” Dad and “Chug”

2) “Fit over 50” e-book promotion for $1.99 (OFFER ENDS 2/2/21)

Order Here

Let your friends and family know about an eBook promotion that Harvest House publishers will run until February 2 (TOMORROW) for my book, “Fit over 50: Make Simple Choices for a Healthier, Happier You.”

Promo Start Date Promo End Date Digital ISBN(s) TITLE Regular Digital List Price Promo Digital List Price
12/29/20 2/2/21 9780736977760 Fit over 50 14.99 1.99

Thanks in advance for your help in getting the word out and directing your friends and family to their “favorite ebook retailer.”

 3) “Ask Dr. Walt” in Today’s Christian Living

I enjoy being able to answer questions from the readers of Today’s Christian Living magazine in my “Ask Dr. Walt” column. Here is my Q&A from the January 2021 issue. I hope you’ll consider getting a subscription:

View Here

  • Immune Boosters for COVID-19, the Flu, and the Common Cold
    • I know you support natural medicines (herbs, vitamins, and supplements) that are safe and effective for various conditions. So, what are your thoughts about the cornucopia of over-the-counter products being hawked to boost our immune system to prevent or treat infections such as COVID-19, influenza, and the common cold? — Concerned in Colorado

4) Vaccine News You Can Use

For several years, a colleague and dear friend, Reginald Finger, MD, MPH, and I have written a quarterly column titled, “Vaccine News You Can Use” for the Colorado Family Physician. It’s just been made available digitally and if you’d like to “take a gander” at it, just click here.


5) Answers to Last Month’s Prayers

  • Barb and I received our 1st COVID vaccine shot (Moderna) with only some minor arm soreness. We’ll get our second one tomorrow.
  • Debbie Macomber still hasn’t let me know her decision about writing the Foreword for “The Best Gift” (the second book about my practice years in Kissimmee). I’m praying she’ll say, “Yes.”
  • Vicki Crumpton completed her edits for “The Best Gift,” formally “accepted” the manuscript, and sent it to the publishing house (Baker/Revel) to begin preparing it for publication this October.
  • Mike Yorkey and I, as indicated above, successfully completed “At First Light.” We’re SO grateful for your prayer support. I think it came out terrific. We’ll have to wait to see if the publisher agrees.
  • Thanks for lifting up the start of our new Spring Semester ReEngage Marriage Enrichment Program. Leader training on January 9 went exceptionally well. The kickoff on January 13 was also a success. The 22 couples and 4 leader couples are now into their 3rd of 16 weeks. Several couples are on the verge of separation or divorce. Please join us in praying for them.


6) Prayer Requests for Upcoming Events


    • “The Best Gift: Tales of a Small-Town Doctor Learning Life’s Greatest Lessons” is in editing at the publisher and will be released in October.
    • “At First Light: A World War II Hero’s Story of Struggles, Sacrifice, and Saving the Lipizzaners” was just turned into the publisher and is scheduled to come out in April 2022.
  • Will you keep the 22 couples in our ReEngage Marriage Enrichment Program in your prayers? Several couples are struggling.

7) Past Issues of our family newsletter

January 2021

  • “The Best Medicine” right at death’s door
  • “Fit over 50” e-book promotion for $1.99
  • “Colorado Springs Gazette” features Barb and Walt
  • “Who’s Who in the World” features Walt

December 2020

  • WWII Book Receives a Publishing Contract
  • “The Best Medicine” was released October 6 and is doing well
  • Sweet Feedback
  • Top Doctor in Colorado

November 2020

  • “The Best Medicine” CAME OUT OCTOBER 6
  • “Point Me to Jesus” Podcast
  • TV Interview about “The Best Medicine”
  • “War Horses” Receives International Recognition
  • Today’s Christian Living “Ask Dr. Walt” column
  • A Saved Marriage
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