Monthly Family Update – December 2020

Here are the contents of this month’s newsletter:

  • WWII Book Receives a Publishing Contract
  • “The Best Medicine” was released October 6 and is doing well
  • Sweet Feedback
  • Top Doctor in Colorado
  • Answers to last month’s prayers
  • Prayer requests for this month
  • Past Issues

1) WWII Book Receives a Publishing Contract

The WWII book about my father’s war exploits is booming ahead at the speed of light. Co-author, Mike Yorkey and I are completing the heavy editing on the final chapters this week. It’s also being reviewed by several military, WWII, history, and equestrian experts who are providing amazing feedback.

Best of all, the contract for the WWII book has been inked with Knox Press, an imprint of Permuted Press, which is a Division of Post Hill Press with Sales and Distribution via Simon & Schuster. I’m SO grateful. I have to turn in the manuscript in March and it is scheduled for publication in March 2022.

2) “The Best Medicine” was released October 6 and is doing well

Well, it finally launched . . . my 37th book, “The Best Medicine: Tales of Humor and Hope from a Small-Town Doctor.” With the help of an amazing launch team of almost 200 friends and fans, the book achieved a number of significant milestones on in a number of categories:

    • Customer Reviews: 4.9 out of 5 stars with 66 ratings
  • #1 BEST SELLER on Amazon in Family & General Practice (Kindle Store) and Doctors and Medicine Humor (Paperback). Also #5 in Family Practice Medicine (Paperback), #7 in Spiritual Biography (Paperback), #9 in Biographies of Christianity (Paperback), and #11 in Religious Leader Biographies (Paperback)
  • #1 NEW RELEASE on Amazon in Family & General Practice (Kindle Store), Doctors and Medicine Humor (Paperback), Family Practice Medicine (Paperback), Spiritual Biography (Paperback), Family Practice Medicine (Kindle); and Professional and Technical (Kindle Store)

If you haven’t ordered, you can get one here.

3) Sweet Feedback – a much-needed reminder of the good this world can be

I received this precious note from Dan Autry, III, a friend who helped with some of the research for “The Best Medicine.” If you’ve read the book, you’ll remember his father, Dan Autrey, Jr., and his wife, Boots. Dan’s feedback was sweet and much appreciated.

Greetings Doc … hope you and your family are all well. Before I could purchase a copy of your newest book [The Best Medicine], my best and greatest buddy Sam Lupfer sent me a copy.

Quite simply I laughed, I cried, felt extreme joy, felt melancholy . . . and boy could I “hear” the voices of long past loved ones: Dad & Boots, Uncle Geech, Judge & Edna, I thought I was sitting there with them.

It was also a reminder that nothing stays the same . . . communities change, our children become adults and our lives don’t last as long as we think they will (when we are in our 20’s).

Your choices, actions and faith are incredibly inspirational even to this now 65-year-old. I’ve always said the day I stop “learning” is the day I die, and I can sincerely tell you I did some “learning” from your words and personal examples.

Just as important however, as I reflected on my early years of my family/work life . . . it made me realize I didn’t do such a bad job.

I am blessed with a 42-year marriage, 3 wonderful young adult children, 1 awesome son-in-law, AND the most amazing 10-year-old granddaughter.

I know we all have rose colored glasses . . . but Walt she is the most amazing human being (not just kid) I have ever been around. Her name is (appropriately) Grace and we are so blessed to live 10 minutes from her . . . you would love her.

My son Daniel (middle child) put it in perspective one day for Michele and me when he said, “The one thing I always knew growing up and to this day, no matter what I do you will always love me.”

We knew that, but it is far more meaningful when your kids realize that.

Thanks so much for allowing Michele and I to “participate” in the chapters with Dad & Boots, but more importantly, thanks for sharing your heart and faith.

It is truly a much-needed reminder of the good this world can be.

4) Top Doctor in Colorado

I was pleasantly surprised to be named a “Top Doctor in Colorado” by Colorado Magazine. They also named me “Top Family Practitioner 2020.” The award read (in part),

Recognizing the difference you have made in the lives of patients, their families, and your community.

And, they offered to send me a plaque for this accomplishment if I’d send them a check for $189.

Hmm . . . I suspect many others may have received the same mass mailing. But who knows?

5) Answers to Last Month’s Prayers

  • Thanks ever so much for your continued prayers for our Re-Engage Marriage Enhancement. It continues to be a blessing as we head toward the end of the semester.
  • Thanks for continued prayers for my WWII book about my father. As mentioned above, the editing is winding down and a contract has been signed. Some of you have prayed with me for many, many years. I’m grateful.
  • Thanks also for your prayers as I received back and completed the final edits for a book that will be released in April 2021: “Natural Medicines: The Truth about the Most Effective Herbs, Vitamins, and Supplements for Common Conditions.” As they say, “It’s in the can.”

6) Prayer Requests for Upcoming Events

  • Dec 1: This is the deadline for me to finish and turn in the manuscript for the sequel of “The Best Medicine,” tentatively titled, “The Best Gift: Tales of a Small-Town Doctor Learning Life’s Greatest Lessons.” I’m praying I get it done on time.
  • Dec 1: I’ll be sending a copy of “The Best Gift” to the New York Times best-selling author Debbie Maccomberwho will consider writing the Foreword for “The Best Gift.” I’m praying she’ll agree to do so. If you don’t know her . . .
    • Debbie Macomber is a #1 New York Times bestselling author and one of today’s most popular writers with more than 200 million copies of her books in print worldwide. In her novels, Macomber brings to life compelling relationships that embrace family and enduring friendships, uplifting her readers with stories of connection and hope. Macomber’s novels have spent over 1,000 weeks on the New York Times bestseller list. Thirteen of these novels hit the number one spot.
  • Dec 9: Would you pray for our final evening (a Celebration and Recommitment Ceremony) for our 27 ReEngage couples. They’ve worked so hard for the last 16 weeks on enriching their personal relationships with Christ and their marriage relationship. We’re praying for a safe and joyful evening.
  • Dec 10-13: Barb travels to Baton Rouge for a family visit and wedding. I praying for a safe and joyous trip.
  • Dec 22-28: Barb’s sister, Sue, and niece, Laura, come here for a Christmas visit. I’m praying for a restful and relaxing, Christ-centered celebration for us all.
  • All of December: I’m praying for the editor of “The Best Gift,” Vicki Crumpton, as she goes to work on it and the art team at Baker/Revell as they come up with a cover idea.
  • All of December: Would you continue to pray for me as I work on the WWII book, “At First Light: A World War II Hero’s Story of Sacrifice, Struggles, and Saving the Lipizzaners.” Mike Yorkey and I work to finish editing and then begin to incorporate all the changes recommended by WWII, history, military, and equestrian experts. We’re aiming to be done by Christmas.

7) Past Issues of our family newsletter

November 2020

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  • “Point Me to Jesus” Podcast
  • TV Interview about “The Best Medicine”
  • “War Horses” Receives International Recognition
  • Today’s Christian Living “Ask Dr. Walt” column
  • A Saved Marriage

October 2020

  • “The Best Medicine” Releases on October 6.
  • Jerry B. Jenkins Wrote the Foreword for “The Best Medicine”
  • You Can Read the First Six Chapters for Free
  • “The Best Gift” Manuscript Turned In.
  • Working on “The Natural Medicines Handbook.”
  • Update on Dad’s WWII Book
  • Cherish Your Wife Broadcast
  • Barb and I are in a COVID-19 Vaccine Study

September 2020

  • Still More great endorsements for “The Best Medicine”
  • Last chance to read an early copy of “The Best Medicine”
  • Today’s Christian Living “Ask Dr. Walt” column
  • My still-unpublished WWII book has been nominated for an international award
  • Barb and I are in a COVID Vaccine Study
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