Monthly Family Update – December 2018

Here are the contents of this month’s newsletter:

  1. Wonderful Encouragement
  2. The Blessing of “Snowflakes”
  3. Last Month’s Events
  4. Upcoming Events

1) Wonderful Encouragement

 You may remember that I was teaching a seminar on “How to Be an Everyday Missionary Wherever You Are Planted” at the Global Missions Health Conference in Louisville last month (details below). I received an unusual number of email notes after the two sessions – both of which were attended by a standing-room-only crowd. But this note touched me the most:

Hello Mr. Larimore! Just wanted to share a quick note of encouragement with you following GMHC.

If I was being honest, I would have to admit I have struggled over the past several years learning how to bridge spiritual and physical healthcare finding it more natural to serve internationally with healthcare evangelism than it was stateside and became quite bitter about the work I was doing in the States. I felt limited and discouraged by the required efficiency of western healthcare and stifled by the lack of spiritual care.

God has placed a clear calling on my life to serve cross-culturally but has not yet moved me “there”, so I was strongly convicted to live a life that was more God-honoring “here” until He moved me somewhere else.

Working with a life coach, I began exploring what it looked like to address this deficit and identified spiritual assessment, care, and prayer was the opportunity to do so but was stumped how to do that. That’s when I began studying the GMHC workshop options and came across your intensive. What a blessing it was!!!!!

Thank you for your biblical wisdom, encouraging stories of how God is working, and practical hands-on tips. I’ve only been back to work at the hospital twice to apply what I learned since the conference but have already felt as if I have served Him and my patients more fully and have had multiple patients comment about how they had never been asked about their spiritual needs and were grateful.

Thank you for being obedient to hearing from the Lord, doing as He guides, and training others to do the same. The work God did in my heart while speaking through your workshop is marked on my spiritual journey with the Lord and has changed the trajectory of my ability to know and serve Him.

May He continue to bless you and your family in all you do with Him!

2) Snowflakes

In about 2001, while serving as Vice President at Focus on the Family, I did a radio broadcast with Dr. James Dobson about “Snowflake Babies.” These were the unborn, frozen embryos that were left over from couples utilizing artificial reproductive technologies.

The debate at the time was whether to “kill” these unborn humans and use them for stem-cell research or to dispose of them or to allow other couples to “adopt” the embryos, implant them into wives wanting children, and allow them to survive and thrive.

The mother of the very first “Snowflake Baby” recently wrote us about her now-nearly-twenty-year-old daughter, Hannah, and the next two “Snowflakes,” twins, that followed to another couple:

HI Walt and Barb,

Have to share! Picture below is of Snowflakes #2 and #3 … Mark and Luke. Luke just graduated from boot camp yesterday in San Diego and is now a Marine serving our country … Mark is off to college.

Hannah has aspirations of becoming a social worker to help children find forever homes.  As I sit here … in tears … thinking “what if these young adults had never been!” Wonder if they had been used for stem cell research instead …

There are more of the Snowflake children behind these three; soon to take their place in the world. All I can say is, “To God be the Glory!”

Walt, I remember you and Dr. Dobson chatting about the “Little Snowflake Program” on a (Focus on the Family) broadcast years ago. And you talking about “Mr. Borden holding up the Borden twins and imploring a congressman, ‘Which would you choose (for stem cell research)?’”

They were nine months old then and Hannah was 2 1/2 years old.  Well … those congressmen should see those Borden twins and Hannah and others now!

So there you have it … those three little babies who were a witness to life before Congress years ago … are now pursuing careers serving our country and helping others! I wish those congressmen could see them now! 

3) Last Month’s Events

  • Thanks SO much to those of you who prayed as we traveled and ministered last month. We have some great “praise reports”:
  • Nov 8-10: Barb and I traveled to Louisville and the Southeast Christian Church where we attended and I taught on “Spiritual Interventions in Clinical Care—or How to Become an Everyday Missionary in Healthcare,” at the Global Missions Health Conference. About 3000 health professional students, residents, and graduate attended this amazing gathering. We were so blessed to be there. Both of my seminars were “standing room only,” and I’ve received many wonderful notes of how the healthcare students and professionals who attended were blessed (see item #1 above).
  • Nov 15-16: Barb and I flew to Raleigh, NC, to speak at the Triangle Christian Medical and Dental Associations (TCMDA) Banquet at the Carolina Country ClClub on the topic of “How to Have a Crazy Good Marriage” based on our book, “His Brain, Her Brain: How divinely designed differences can strengthen your marriage.” It was a quick trip, but we so enjoyed assisting this CMDA chapter. A number of couples came up to us at our book signing after the event and related how the principles we shared were going to change them and their marriages. We were delighted that the Lord moved the way He did.
  • Nov 17-19: Barb and I spent a long weekend at the romantic Crawford Hotel at the renovated Union Station in Denver to celebrate our 45thWedding Anniversary. We had a delightful time of romance, rest, and relaxation—as well as long talks about the amazing journey on which the Lord has taken us these last six decades of acquaintance, five decades of romance, and 4.5 decades of marriage. What a blessed man that I am!!! King Solomon opined, “The man who finds a wife finds a treasure, and he receives favor from the LORD” (Pr 18:22 NLT).
  • Nov 29—Dec 4: Barb and I will attend a “Christmas in New York City” event sponsored by the Ministry of CRU New York City. You can view last year’s amazing talks here. We’ll plan to stay an extra day or two to continue to celebrate our 45th Wedding Anniversary and to enjoy all of the pre-Christmas decorations and to see a show or two. We’re looking forward to this trip.

 4) Upcoming Events

  • Jan 15-20: Barb and I will be in Fort Myers, FL, where I’ll be attending an AMA RUC meeting. We’ll be looking forward to some beach and shell hunting time on Sanibel and Captiva should the weather cooperate.
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