Monthly Family Update – August 2018

Here are the contents of this month’s newsletter:

  1. Family Update
  2. Last Month’s Events
  3. Upcoming Events

1) Family Update

Barb and I have the pleasure of being home for the entire month of August with no trips or speaking engagements. We plan to garden, sit on the porch and drink coffee and chat in the morning, take walks and hikes, see a few movies, and enjoy grilling and preparing meals together. We both have a couple of books we want to read. All-in-all, The weather in Colorado in August is glorious. We’re looking forward to it.

We’re also still waiting to see if any of the large publishers is interested in my World War II book and I’m continuing to work on the manuscript for my next health book, “60 Ways to Stay Fit and Healthy After 50.” It’s a fun book to write and I think will be very helpful to folks.

2) Last Month’s Events

  • Jul 2-4: Barb and I spent our July 4 holiday with the Decatur Larimores. We had such a fun visit with Scott, Jen, Anna, and Sarah. Even the sudden drenching deluge of a downpour during the fireworks celebration couldn’t dampen our spirits nor quell our laughter. A great trip.
  • Jul 5-7: Then we flew to Boston and vanned over two hours to Springfield, MA, where I’ll spoke at the PCNAK Conference. On Friday, I gave a keynote address to the over 5,000 predicted attendees on “Becoming an Everyday Missionary.” The session ran short on time, so instead of having the promised 30-40 minutes, I had 12 (yes, twelve) minutes to give my keynote. But I think it was both effective and well-received. Then the next day I led a special session for several hundred medical professionals on “Spiritual Interventions in Clinical Practice.”
  • Jul 8-14: Barb visited her sister and family in Baton Rouge.
  • Jul 16-21: Barb was back in town to share a wonderful week of hiking, dining, and visiting with two dear friends, Sally Savage Foret and Carol Lambremont Smith, from our high school days. Lots of fun, laughter, and wonderful reminiscences as we shared how the Lord has worked in each of our lives.
  • Jul 22-24: The girls left Saturday morning and that afternoon we began hosting two very dear friends from San Antonio—Fred and Marian Brown. We had such a glorious visit with these special friends and many deep and meaningful discussions.

3) Upcoming Events

So, after running and gunning the entire month of July, we’re locked and loaded to just take a month off and actually be home for the whole month of August. It’ll be a time of rest, recreation, recuperation, and writing.

4) Past Issues of our family newsletter

You can get more information on many of our upcoming events here.

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