Monday Memo — Wonderful Encouragement

In November Barb and I traveled to Louisville and the Southeast Christian Church where we attended and I taught on “Spiritual Interventions in Clinical Care—or How to Become an Everyday Missionary in Healthcare,” at the Global Missions Health Conference. It was wonderful.

About 3000 health professional students, residents, and graduate attended this amazing gathering. We were so blessed to be there.

I received an unusual number of email notes after the two sessions – both of which were attended by a standing-room-only crowd. But this note touched me the most:

Hello Mr. Larimore! Just wanted to share a quick note of encouragement with you following GMHC.

If I was being honest, I would have to admit I have struggled over the past several years learning how to bridge spiritual and physical healthcare finding it more natural to serve internationally with healthcare evangelism than it was stateside and became quite bitter about the work I was doing in the States. I felt limited and discouraged by the required efficiency of western healthcare and stifled by the lack of spiritual care.

God has placed a clear calling on my life to serve cross-culturally but has not yet moved me “there”, so I was strongly convicted to live a life that was more God-honoring “here” until He moved me somewhere else.

Working with a life coach, I began exploring what it looked like to address this deficit and identified spiritual assessment, care, and prayer was the opportunity to do so but was stumped how to do that. That’s when I began studying the GMHC workshop options and came across your intensive. What a blessing it was!!!!!

Thank you for your biblical wisdom, encouraging stories of how God is working, and practical hands-on tips. I’ve only been back to work at the hospital twice to apply what I learned since the conference but have already felt as if I have served Him and my patients more fully and have had multiple patients comment about how they had never been asked about their spiritual needs and were grateful.

Thank you for being obedient to hearing from the Lord, doing as He guides, and training others to do the same. The work God did in my heart while speaking through your workshop is marked on my spiritual journey with the Lord and has changed the trajectory of my ability to know and serve Him.

May He continue to bless you and your family in all you do with Him!

He already has!

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