Monthly Family Update – May 2017

Here are the contents of this month’s newsletter:

  1. Walk for Life
  2. Employment Changes
  3. “Ask Dr. Walt” from Today’s Christian Living
  4. Last Month’s Events
  5. Upcoming Events

1) “Walk for Life”

Barb and I are going to “Walk for Life” for Life Network on Saturday, June 3. Would you consider helping out this wonderful ministry? Every dollar can help and You can donate here.  Thank you for standing in the gap with us as we uphold the value of all human life – loving moms, dads, children, and families.

2) Employment Changes

Well, with a grand total of 4 days notice, my 3-day a week occupational medicine work at Concentra in Colorado Springs changed to 1-2 days a month. Shazam, how’s that for “thanks for five years of faithful service?” Anyway, I know that the sudden change was no surprise to the Lord and Barb and I are expectantly waiting to see what He has next for us.

In the meantime, I’m taking this surprise as an opportunity to throw myself into trying to complete the first draft of my WW2 book over the next month or so. Then I will begin both the very hard work or editing as well as working with my agent to try to sell the book to a major publisher. Prayers appreciated. 

3) “Ask Dr. Walt” from Today’s Christian Living

I enjoy being able to answer questions from the readers of Today’s Christian Living in their “Ask Dr. Walt” column. Here are the Q&A’s from the March 2017 issue. I hope you’ll consider getting a subscription.

  • Can Soursop Prevent Cancer?
    • A couple in our church are promoting Soursop as a cancer preventive. They claim studies show it works, but that pharmaceutical companies don’t want people to know about it. I figured you would tell me the truth.
  • Counting Your Sheep to Fall Asleep
    • Are there any supplements that can help my insomnia?
  • Echium Oil
    • Is echium oil a good alternative to fish oil? I am allergic to fish?
  • Too Much Vitamin B-12?
    • Can taking too much vitamin B-12 be dangerous? The label on my B-complex states it contains 50,000% the Daily Value!
  • Canadian Pharmacies
    • Do you have any advice on how to find trusted pharmacies to refill my prescriptions in Canada?
  • Plant Versus Animal Protein.
    • What do you recommend and why? Animal or plant protein? What is best? Does it really matter?

4) Last Month’s Events

  • Apr 3: I was honored to give a lecture on “The Spiritual Assessment in Clinical Care” at the Rocky Vista School of Osteopathic Medicine in Denver. They were kind to invite me to give this lecture yearly and although the attendance was small, the attendees were enthusiastic and received the information well.
  • Apr 17-19: I attended a Worker’s Compensation Conference at the Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs, CO.
  • Apr 21-22: Barb and I co-taught a “How to Have a Crazy Good Marriage Conference” at our new church, Academy Christian Church, in Colorado Springs. Twenty-four couples attended and represented an enthusiastic group of folks. It was one of the best conferences we’ve been involved with.
  • Apr 25-30: Barb and I were in Chicago where I attended an AMA RUC The first few days the weather was wonderful and we quite enjoyed our time there.

5) Upcoming Events

6) Past Issues of our family newsletter

You can get more information on many of our upcoming events here.

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