Monday Memo – Learning to Give Together

Below is a post that Barb and I wrote for the blog, titled, “Learning to Give Together.” We hope it will be a blessing for you.

Learning to Give Together

When we were first married, we approached giving to the Lord with our church tithe by looking to see what money was left over in our very tight newlywed budget. Walt was in medical school, I was teaching middle school, and there just weren’t any extra dollars left to give.

We understood that God owned everything and that we couldn’t “outgive” Him, but that’s where our understanding stopped. Sure, we had heard the stories of how God stretched budgets, but since our budget was so lean, we assumed that there was not anywhere for Him to stretch it!

We had a lot to learn about God and giving.


As we discovered more about God’s character and His Word, we realized that He did not desire our “leftovers”; He wanted the first, fresh part of our whole beings—our time, talent, and treasure. This included even our meager income of $500 a month. 

We realized that we are stewards of everything He gives us. Those resources are not ours to squander or keep to ourselves, but they were given to us to be shared with our Father in heaven, His church, and His people.

After Walt graduated and our monthly budget tripled, we were thunderstruck to learn that God was not going to give us more income to increase our standard of living. Instead, God trusted us with additional resources so we might increase our standard of giving!

So, in our last four decades of marriage, we’ve worked together to increase the percent of our income that we give away each year.


Now, our best practice is to give so that others may know Jesus. We have many opportunities to give, but we evaluate each need presented and ask, “Will this particular ministry help people come into or deepen a personal relationship with Jesus?”

If the answer is yes, Walt and I individually pray and then write down an amount the Lord has put on each of our hearts.

Sometimes the amount He calls us to give is shocking. But more often than not, our numbers match, confirming what we are to give.

It’s just one more way God proves His generous love to us as we respond to His call to give.

About Authors

Barb Larimore

Barb is an educator who taught middle schoolers while she put Walt through medical school and residency, earning the PhT (Putting Him Through) degree from the Louisiana State University School of Medicine in New Orleans in 1977. She then concentrated on rearing their children, Kate and Scott. Barb was involved with Bible Study Fellowship for fourteen years. In 1999, she and Walt were named National Educators of the Year by the Christian Medical Associations. She continues to be actively involved in teaching and discipling women and “carries the big stick” to keep Walt in shape. The Larimores live in Colorado Springs and have two grown children, two grandchildren, and an adopted tabby named “Jack.”

Walt Larimore, MD

Walt has been called “one of America’s best-known family physicians” and is listed in the Best Doctors in America, Who’s Who in Medicine and Healthcare, and the International Health Professionals of the Year. Walt has been a frequent guest on a variety of television and radio programs: The Today Show, CBS’s Morning Show, several Fox News programs, and CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360. He has written over thirty books, 25 medical text book chapters, and nearly 800 articles in a variety of medical journals and lay magazines. Together, he and Barb wrote His Brain, Her Brain: How divinely designed differences can strengthen your marriage

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