Monday Memo — Have you struggled with your weight again and again?

Have you struggled with your weight again and again? Do you seem to gain back every pound you lose? If so—there is hope. Not a “magic pill” hype, but a science-based explanation for “why” this keeps happening…and hope for freedom from your struggle.

For over twenty years, I’ve both known and worked with J. Scott Ries, MD. I admire he and his family greatly. And, I though you’d want to know that he’s releasing his iFactor Solution Video Series this week … and it’s fantastic. 

He is making it available for FREE for just a couple of weeks, and if losing weight or taking steps away from diabetes is your goal—I’d recommend that you check it out.

I’ve actually gone through Dr. Ries’ 6-week iFactor course, and can highly recommend it also. On Thursday, the full iFactor Course (the 8-week program that I actually took) will be open for people to join. 

In this dynamic series, Dr. Ries says he will lead you to:

  • Discover the 3 words that change everything about weight loss
  • Understand why your past efforts at weight loss have failed
  • Recognize the signals your body is already sending you about your iFactor 
  • Learn the four, critical lab tests you must know for successful weight loss
  • Choose the next steps in your journey to transform your health
  • And much more…

But this FREE video series is only going to be available for a little while, so I’d encourage you to take a look today!

Also, if you’re looking for a book to help you and your family deal with the obesity epidemic, consider my best-selling book, SuperSized Kids: How to protect your child from the obesity threat.

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