Larimore Family Prayer Letter (6/15 – 8/14)

In this prayer letter:

  • 1) Black Forest fire
  • 2) Kate’s wedding
  • 3) #1 Best Seller
  • 4) Top Ten Best Seller
  • 5) Article: The Connection Between Health and Faith
  • 6) Book Awards
  • 1) Barb’s Mom, Pud
  • 2) Current Writing Projects
  • 3) Upcoming “Grace Prescription” Conferences for Healthcare Professionals


1) Black Forest fire

Those of you who have been following our postings of FaceBook know that a terrible forest fire broke out just a few miles from our home. The Black Forest fire, which blew up on Tuesday, June 11, scorched over 25 square miles of drought-ravaged forest driven by 40-50 mile an hour winds. The fire killed at least two people and completely destroyed nearly 500 homes. 41,000 people from over 14,000 homes were evacuated from an area of 55 square miles.

Many of you prayed for us and for our community and the rain and cooler temperatures you prayed for came yesterday, on Friday, June 14. So, as of today, the so-called Battle for the Black Forest is being won. It’s not close to over, but the victory has begun.

Our home came within a mile of a pre-evacuation area, so on Wednesday, June 12, we began to pack our cars with some of our most precious and important possessions. For three days we lived with the stress that we could get a call to evacuate at any moment. But last night we were able to unpack.

We’ve had many friends who have lost their home and virtually all of their possessions. We’d ask you to keep them in your prayers.

2) Kate’s wedding

On Sunday, June 9th, Kate married Charles Robert Ritz in a beautiful ceremony at the Inn at Palmer Divide. There are lots of pictures on my FaceBook page, but here are a couple of our favorites.



Barb with the bride-to-be
Wedding 2

The bride-to-be being walked down the aisle with yours truly


The bride and groom


3) #1 Best Seller

Barb and I were so delighted that our marriage book, His Brain, Her Brain: How divinely designed differences can strengthen your marriage, became an #1 best-seller from on Monday, May 6 through Wednesday, May 8, in the category of “Marriage and Family.” It then stayed in the top ten for about a week.

  • Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #235 in Books
  • #1 in Books > Sociology > Marriage & Family
  • #18 in Books > Christian Books & Bibles > Christian Living
  • #65 in Books > Religion & Spirituality

Of course, it’s no coincidence that this was the same week that Focus on the Family broadcast an interview with Barb and me. You can listen to the broadcast here.

His Brain, Her Brain - .025 MB JPEG

4) Top Ten Best Seller

I was also delighted that my book for boys going through puberty (and their parents), The Ultimate Guys’ Body Book: Not-so-stupid questions about your body, moved into the #10 best-seller list for during the week of June 10, in the Children’s Books category of “Health and Maturing.”

  • Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #13,399 in Books
  • #8 in Books > Children’s Books > Science, Nature & How It Works > Health > Maturing
  • #76 in Books > Children’s Books > Religion > Christianity
  • #77 in Books > Christian Books & Bibles > Children’s & Teens

Of course, it’s no coincidence that this was the same week that Dr. Tim Clinton broadcast his interview about the book, “From Boys to Men,” on his national radio program, “Life, Love, and Family.” You can listen to the interview here and purchase a signed copy of the book here.

Guys Body Book Cover Small

5) Article: The Connection Between Health and Faith

My “Ask Dr. Walt” column in the June-July edition of Significant Living magazine was titled, The Faith-Health Connection. You can read the article here. Also, here are some other articles in the magazine:

  • Joni & Ken: an Untold Love Story — Would Ken and Joni Eareckson Tada’s marriage be able to withstand cancer, too? (pg. 32)
  • A New ‘World Vision’ — This global-impact ministry is taking bold steps for a better future. (pg. 20)
  • Operation Heal Our Patriots — Wounded warriors find hope and healing at Samaritan Lodge. (pg. 28)
  • Gwen Edland: A Woman on a Mission & Discover how God turned one woman’s sorrow into a worldwide mission. (pg. 36)
  • God’s Miracle Lodge — Families, freedom fighters, and the physically challenged find a fresh start at Ironwood Springs Christian Ranch. (pg. 24)
  • Campfire Creations — Julia Moya shares tasty recipes and tips for cooking in God’s great outdoors. (pg. 39)

If you like what you read, I hope you’ll become a subscriber to the magazine. You can subscribe here.

6) Book Awards

Thanks to so many of you who have been praying since December that one or both of my 2012 novels, Hazel Creek, or its sequel, Sugar Fork, would be nominated for a Christy Awards. The Lord chose to answer our prayers with a, “No,” which was terrifically disappointing to me. But, I trust totally in Him and His ways on this matter.


1) Barb’s Mom

Thanks for continuing to keep Barb’s mom, Pud, in your prayers. As I write this, Barb has just left, via a one-way ticket, to Baton Rouge. She’ll join her family and the wonderful folks of hospice who are caring for Pud. Barb, the family, and Pud would continue to cherish your consistent and persistent prayers until Pud graduates to glory.

Pud and Aunt KittyPud (on the left) and her sister, Kitty

2) Current Writing Projects

I’d be blessed if you’d pray for me as I work on two writing projects this next two months:

1) The first is an updated and revised version of The Saline Solution, which is a teaching tool I co-authored with pastor and theologian William Carr Peel, ThM, that teaches healthcare professionals how to bring their faith to work each day. The new course is tentatively titled Grace Prescriptions: Becoming a Spiritual Influence in Healthcare. We presented the first trial conference of this new course in February and it was well received. Now we’ll be adapting the course to present at least twice more this year before “going public” with the new course. More on that in the next item.

2) The second is a book for girls heading into and through puberty—and their moms—The Ultimate Girls’ Body Book: Not-So-Silly Questions About Your Body that I’m writing with Amaryllis Sanchez-Wohlever, MD, a dear friend and former practice colleague at Heritage Family Physicians in Kissimmee, FL. This is a sequel to my book The Ultimate Guys’ Body Book: Not-so-stupid questions about your body that was released in March 2012. We’ve completed the line edits on the manuscript during April and May and will be doing final edits later this summer

3) Upcoming “Grace Prescription” Conferences for Healthcare Professionals

If you are a healthcare professional, how often do you prescribe grace to your patients? Not just competent and compassionate care, which is important, but also specific and appropriate doses of grace that may bring your patients a step closer to a right relationship with God?

Many of us in healthcare struggle with guilt and inadequacy in this area. But there is hope.

Consider joining me for one of two live seminars of a brand new course, called Grace Prescriptions, which is designed to teach you to share your faith with patients in ways that safeguard the important ethical principles of respect, sensitivity, and permission.

Originally taught in CMDA’s popular Saline Solution course, these concepts are proven to be effective as thousands of lives have been transformed. Grace Prescriptions builds on this legacy.

Here are two options for you to consider:

  • Saturday, August 17 at the Community Chapel in Williamsburg, Virginia
  • Saturday, October 12 at Asbury University in Wilmore, Kentucky

For information and to register call 888-230-2637 or email

And, of course, if you can’t attend, I do hope you’ll pray for us as we’re teaching.


  • Apr 20, Walt taught three sessions at the Annual Scientific Assembly of the Colorado Academy of Family Physicians in Colorado Springs. He spoke on “Controversies Surrounding Vitamin D and Calcium,” Natural Therapies for Migraine Headache Prevention,” and Natural Therapies for Menopausal Symptoms.”
  • Apr 24-28, we were in Chicago, where Walt attended an AMA RUC meeting.
  • Apr 29, Walt was in studio with Jim Daly and John Fuller at Focus on the Family recording a program about his book, The Ultimate Guys’ Body Book: Not-so-stupid questions about your body. We’ll let you know when they plan to broadcast the program.
  • May 7-8, Walt flew to Washington, DC, for a meeting for the Center of Excellence for Sexual Health. Walt is helping CESH write a curriculum for parents to teach sex education at home.
  • May 9-10, Walt attended the International Board Meeting of HCJB Global in Colorado Springs.
  • May 15, Walt attended the Board Meeting of Life Network in Colorado Springs.
  • May 16-17, we flew to Atlanta to visit with Scott, Jen, and the girls.
  • May 17-19, we were in Flat Rock, North Carolina, for the Blue Ridge Book Festival, where Walt talked about his novels.
  • May 19-21, we were back in Atlanta with the grans.
  • May 27-28, Walt was in Washington, DC, teaching two sessions for the Annual Scientific Assembly of the American Academy of Physician Assistants. He spoke on “Controversies Surrounding Vitamin D and Calcium,” and “Natural Therapies for Migraine Headache Prevention.”
  • Jun 9, our daughter Kate, was married to Charles Ritz, in Palmer Lake, Colorado.


  • Jun 15, Barb travels to Baton Rouge to care for her mother indefinitely.
  • Jun 27-30, I’ll be at the Western Hills Guest Ranch in east Oklahoma attending the annual summer retreat and graduation of the 3rd year residents of the In His Image Family Medicine Residency.
  • Jul 1-4, I will be in Baton Rouge to help Barb care for her mom and to, hopefully, celebrate Pud’s birthday on July 3.
  • Aug 12-16, I’ll be back in Tulsa, OK, I will be serving as a visiting professor at the In His Image Family Medicine Residency. I am always so blessed to be with these wonderful Christian faculty, staff, and family medicine residents.

Monthly Family Newsletter 

If you’re interested in our family newsletter, the June issue can be found here and the May issue here.

Barb and I are SO grateful for your prayer support for our ministry and for us. We simply could not do this without the precious gift of your prayers and friendship.

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4 Responses to Larimore Family Prayer Letter (6/15 – 8/14)

  1. Jan crouch says:

    So glad the fires have turned away from you guys, praying for Pud, I’m sure she’s ready for her final graduation. Still hard to let her go, I’m sure. I guess we’ll see one or both of you at the retreat, depending on how Pud is doing. Love to you both. Jan

  2. Dr. Walt says:


    Thanks for the kind words and prayers. Both are precious gifts to us. Barb’s hoping to make the retreat, but it’s just going to depend upon how her mom is doing. I’m planning to fly from the retreat to Baton Rouge to be with them … but will go sooner if needed.

    Love to you guys, also!


  3. Cynthia Johnston says:

    Kate and Charles are a beautiful couple. Thanks for sharing your family pictures.
    Will keep Pud in my prayers.

  4. Dr. Walt says:

    Thanks for your prayers and kind words. Both are a blessing.


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