How to Keep Medications Away From Children

Youngsters seem to get into everything – often things they aren’t supposed to, such as medications. How can you protect your child from an accidental ingestion of medications?

More Information:

Your medicine cabinet is full of dangers for young people, so it’s important to keep medications locked away and out of a child’s reach. The National Safety Council offers these suggestions:

  • Keep all medications in a securely latched medicine cabinet, even if you don’t think your child can reach it.
  • Always store medications in containers with child-proof lids, and make sure the containers are securely closed.
  • Try not to take medication in front of children, and never act like they are candy or something to play with.
  • When you dispose of medications, don’t just throw them in the garbage can. Dispose of them in a way that a child can’t find and swallow them. 


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