Have you heard of Lazy Cakes Relaxation Brownies? Slowtivate? Unwind? Be careful!

Lazy Cakes Relaxation Brownies are stirring up lots of controversy. Why?

It’s a brownie that contains about 8 mg of melatonin plus valerian, passionflower, and other natural ingredients.

According to the experts at the Pharmacist’s Letter, it’s promoted to help relax stressed-out adults and improve sleep.

But this and similar products are also raising concerns among experts and government officials. In fact, the Arkansas Department of Health recently banned Lazy Cakes due to potential safety concerns.

The FDA also warned the manufacturer of a beverage called Drank because it contained melatonin.

Melatonin is approved for use in dietary supplements, but is NOT approved for food use.

Lots of other food and drink products are now coming out with melatonin as an ingredient … Slowtivate, Unwind, and others.

The experts at the Pharmacist’s Letter tell us prescribers, “Recommend caution with these products. Long-term safety is not known and they may cause significant impairment. Advise against operating a vehicle or machinery after taking these products.”

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