Fit over 50 Update — Sitting Too Much Kills

In my and Phil Bishop’s book, Fit over 50: Make Simple Choices Today for a Healthier, Happier You, we write:

“If you’re plopped on a bed, couch, or chair right now,” write the editors of Reader’s Digest, “you might have what is arguably the most common health problem in America today—sitting disease.” That might sound silly. But prolonged sitting—sedentary living—has been shown by researchers to play a significant role in many of the most troublesome health issues of our time, from obesity and heart disease to diabetes and depression.

Fit over 50, Chapter 12, MOVE! (page 149)

A new study adds to what we told you in our book …

Researchers from the University of Cambridge report that sitting too much results in up to twice the likelihood of premature death compared to being obese!

In addition, the researchers report that regular exercise increases longevity, reduces fatigue and disability, reduces the risk of heart failure, and improves mental health (with team sports and those involving social groups having the most positive effect on mental health). 

We hope you’ll get a copy of our book and begin making the simple steps to becoming more highly healthy.

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