“Fit over 50” Endorsements — Philip Yancey & Al Weir, MD

The endorsements for my newest book are pouring in. “Fit over 50” will be available this coming TUESDAY, August 6. You can preorder it now, here.

“I tend to avoid books that give ‘self-help’ advice—life is too complicated for easy formulas. The more I went through Fit over 50, however, the more I learned. Drawing on the latest research, the authors have assembled a remarkable list of practical suggestions on how to flourish in every way.”

Philip Yancey
Author of Fearfully and Wonderfully: The Marvel of Bearing God’s Image (with Dr. Paul Brand)

“God cares about our health—not only for our comfort but for His service. With clear and well- researched advice, Dr. Larimore has fashioned a remarkable guide. With his insightful, whole person understanding of health, he describes practical steps that will fashion our bodies and spirits into the best possible shape to enjoy our health and to serve our King.”

Al Weir, MD
President, Christian Medical & Dental Associations
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