“Fit over 50” Endorsements — Doug Pratt & Jim Collier, MD

The endorsements for my newest book are pouring in. “Fit over 50” will be available on Tuesday, August 6. You can preorder it now, here.

“I am drawn to a doctor who cares about me person, not just as a physical body that needs to be repaired. As one who has passed the 50-mile marker in life and has many questions about how to make the most of the rest of my days, I was personally blessed to read this book. It gave me much practical information and wisdom. And I was also blessed by the holistic perspective of the authors, as they are sensitive not just to my medical needs, but my emotional and spiritual ones as well.”

Pastor Doug Pratt
Senior Pastor, First Presbyterian Church, Bonita Springs, Florida

“As a retired physician, I find myself telling others what basically amounts to ‘do as I say, not as I do’ when they ask for health (as opposed to medical) advice. Here is a book that is not only chock-full of facts and wisdom, but also replete with simple ideas for getting off the couch and moving into physical, social, emotional, and spiritual health and wellness. Read it and learn to accept the much-better you!”

James D. Collier, MD
Former Assistant Surgeon General for Healthcare Operations,
United States Air Force
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