“Fit over 50” Endorsements — Dale Michaels, MD & Dilip Joseph, MD, MPH

The endorsements for my newest book are still pouring in. “Fit over 50” will be available Tuesday, August 6. You can order it now, here.

“The information in this book is practical, pertinent, and professional. It’s my privilege to recommend Fit over 50 as a great place to help us on our journey to fitness as we age.”

Dale E. Michels, MD, FAAFP
Chief Medical Officer, SERPA-ACO

“Having given much credence to public health education, primary health care, and evolving societal health trends over the past few decades, I find Fit over 50 to be of utmost value! In a time where health information is at everyone’s fingertips, there is a great need for wisdom in making right health choices. It’s my sincere belief that readers will find this book a transformative tool to create their own healthier lifestyle.”

Dilip Joseph MD, MPH
Medical Director, Morning Star Development

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