Dads matter! We need your help to support them?

Would you consider supporting my and Barb’s WALK FOR LIFE for Life Network? You can donate here. $150 will help three dads and their babies.

Donate to our WALK FOR LIFE

When I see dad’s cheering for their kids at graduations or at athletic events, I am reminded of how fortunate these boys are to have dads who care so much – who show up every time.

The rates of fatherless in our society are astounding – and the impact of growing up without a dad is far-reaching and devastating.

I’m so thankful for our fatherhood outreach at Life Network. Fifty to seventy-five dads at any given time throughout a month are walking through our doors with a desire to be mentored and to grow in their knowledge and skill to be the best daddy’s they can be.

They are learning to know their babies needs, how to respond and care for their partners – and they are being introduced to a heavenly Father who loves them like no other.

The father’s voice can affirm, admire, and affect each boy grow–just as Jesus’ dad did when He said, on at least two occasions, “This is my son, with whom I’m well pleased.” Or, said another way, “That’s MY boy!”

It’s the same for our dads at Life Network, both as they learn from mentor dads, but even more so as they develop relationships with Christ.

The voice of their Father makes an impact that will change the course of a family, impact future generations and reach into eternity.

When you support our Walk for Life, you help us walk for our dads. There is still time to sign up and raise funds. $150 will help three dads and their babies.

Thanks SO much for those of you who are already supporting Barb’s and my Walk for Life. But, please join us by inviting your family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors to support us also!

You can donate here:

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