COVID Vaccine Myths — Part 7 of 7

Myth #6: Myth: Getting COVID-19 is safer than taking an mRNA vaccine

Although the Pew Research Center reported recently that 60 percent of Americans would take a COVID-19 vaccine, two in 10 Americans are reportedly still opposed to taking it.

For those who think that getting infected with COVID-19 is a safer option, Florian Krammer, a renowned professor of vaccinology at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, says, “Think again.”

“We have a vaccine that has been tested in 40,000 people and hasn’t caused any severe side effects; we have a virus that is very prevalent and can cause very severe disease and can kill you,” says Krammer.

“And even if you don’t have severe disease, it might cause long-lasting symptoms. If you look at both cases, I would take the route of lower risk.”

Kramer says that the high likelihood of getting COVID-19 versus the possibly one in a million chance of having a severe reaction to a vaccine makes it an easy decision.

“You know, people want to have control over their lives and their body, right? And so, if I decide to get the vaccine, then I make the decision for myself, and then I am protected.

“If I don’t get the vaccine, I might get infected at any time and I can’t control the course that the disease runs,” Krammer told Yahoo Life.

“It might be mild, but it might also send me to an ICU. And so, I think, look at the risk realistically. Do you want to control your situation, your body, your life, or not? I think the vaccine is a good way to help with that.”


The above information is adapted from a Yahoo Life Article.

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