Can you get too much vitamin D from the sun?

Tod Cooperman, MD, the founder and president of, one of the most trusted sites on the internet for information about natural medicines (herbs, vitamins, and supplements) has this to say about that:

One of Our Members Asked: I spend a lot of time in the sun, especially in the summer. Does this mean my vitamin D levels could get too high?

Dr. Cooperman’s answer:

No. Even though spending short periods of time in the sun can usually provide adequate amounts of vitamin D, spending longer periods of time in the sun will not increase vitamin D levels to toxic levels.

This is because excessive exposure to sunlight degrades previtamin D3 (which is normally converted by sunlight into vitamin D3 in the skin) and degrades vitamin D3 itself.

However, as discussed in the CL [ConsumerLab] Answer about getting too much vitamin D, it is possible to get too much vitamin D from supplements.

For more details about sun exposure and vitamin D, see the Vitamin D Supplements Review.

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