Calcium and multivitamins may be linked to reduced breast cancer risk

Daily Calcium Plus Vitamin D Supplements May Reduce Fracture RiskBloomberg News reports that “calcium doesn’t just build strong bones, it may fight cancer too,” according to a study presented at the meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research.

Investigators found “that women who took calcium had a 40% lower risk of getting breast cancer, while those getting multivitamins showed a 30% reduction in risk.”

These “data contradict results of a December 2008 trial that showed no reduction in cancer risk from vitamin supplements.”

HealthDay pointed out that “the authors of the study … did not separate out which specific vitamins might be beneficial, but suggested that the interactions of different vitamins together might account for the beneficial effect.”

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A couple of other tips about calcium. I recommend synthetic calcium carbonate. No reason to take a natural calcium (coral, oyster shell, dolamite earth, or bone) as they may be contaminated with heavy metals.

Also, the body absorbs calcium best when it’s taken with food. But, remember, taking more than 600 mg of elemental calcium in a single dose is not recommended. If you’re going to take more than 600 mg, take it in two or more doses.

Last, but not least, if you are on any prescription medications, check with your pharmacist or physician about whether the can or should not be taken with vitamins or supplements.

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