Bryson City Tales Begin Next Week

Of the 32 books I’ve had the joy of writing, my favorite, and still, the best selling of them all is Bryson City Tales. You can read more about it below, but I wanted to let you know that I’ll be publishing some of my favorite parts of the book each Friday starting next week, on April 1 (no fooling!). I hope that you’ll enjoy going back to Bryson City with me and that if you do, you’ll be sure to invite your friends to join us each week.

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Captivating stories of how a young doctor’s first year of medical practice in the Smoky Mountains shaped his practice of life and faith The little mountain hamlet of Bryson City, North Carolina, offers more than dazzling vistas.

For Walt Larimore, a young “flatlander” physician setting up his first practice, the town presents its peculiar challenges as well.

With the winsomeness of a James Herriott book, Bryson City Tales sweeps you into a world of colorful characters, the texture of Smoky Mountain life, and the warmth, humor, quirks, and struggles of a small country town.

It’s a world where the family doctor is also the emergency physician, the coroner, and the obstetrician, and where wilderness medicine is part of the job, search-and-rescue calls in the national forest are a way of life, and the next patient just may be somebody’s livestock or pet.

Bryson City Tales is the tender and insightful chronicle of a young man’s rite of passage from medical student to family physician.

Laughter and adventure await you in these pages, and lessons learned from Bryson City’s unforgettable residents.

By the way, the book has led so many folks to actually travel to and visit Bryson City, that the Chamber of Commerce has created a brochure to help folks find where their favorite scenes from the book took place. You can see that brochure here.

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6 Responses to Bryson City Tales Begin Next Week

  1. Kattie Walker says:

    My mom was,from Bryson City so as I grew up we visited here often. I finally moved here in 1995. I read this nook an feel in love with this town even more. A great place to live.

  2. Dr. Walt says:

    Be sure to let your family and friends know about this series so that they may enjoy it also.

    Dr. Walt

  3. Don Bunn says:

    Walt,still one of my favorite reads. Just yesterday captioned your picture for my life story. This a project for my family. Love your books.
    Don Bunn

  4. Bill Burnett says:

    Humorous read, some literary license present.

  5. Dr. Walt says:


    I hope you’ll share this link with your friends. Invite them to join us on a journey to Bryson City.


  6. Dr. Walt says:


    I hope you’ll share this link with your friends. Invite them to join us on a journey to Bryson City, my friend. Love to you both.


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