Bryson City Seasons — Tanned Feets (Part 3)

This is from the seventeenth chapter from my best-selling book, Bryson City Seasons, which is the sequel to Bryson City TalesI hope that you’ll enjoy going back to Bryson City with me each week and that if you do, you’ll be sure to invite your friends and family to join us.


The pastor called the office later that week.

“Dr. Larimore,” he began, “thanks for referring Susannah to me. However, I’ve got to tell you, I’ve never been asked to fill a faith prescription before.”

He laughed.

“Well, Pastor, I’ve never written one before. So it’s a first for both of us.”

“I was glad I could read your handwriting. You had written for her to call me and to begin reading her Bible every day. You even wrote some verses for her to memorize. I wanted to let you know she’s done them all.”

I was pleased.

“How’s she doing?” I asked.

“She’s been hurt by the church before. But I’m hoping she’ll be able to fall in love again with the Lord. In his sight, she’s precious, and I suspect he has an incredible plan for her. Her story is an amazing one.”

“I suspect that’s true for all of us.”

“True enough,” he concurred. “Well, if there’s any way we can help you fill more of those faith prescriptions, you let me know. Our spiritual pharmacy is open twenty-four hours a day.”

Mitch had told me, “If you keep your patients’ best interests at heart, I think your skin will be thick enough to handle the heat. And the rewards of doing what’s right, even if it’s not easy, are among the sweet things that make our profession so satisfying.”

I smiled as I thought about the day just before falling asleep. It had been a satisfying day indeed. But as much as I had been pleased by practicing something new and unconventional—at least to me—even more, I prayed that my Father was pleased.

Somehow I sensed he was.



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