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The ABCD’s of Parenting – Part 6

This is the sixth part in a series excerpted from my book God’s Design for the Highly Healthy Teen.


If your teen is not overscheduled and you feel good about the family connectedness, then part-time work may be another way your teen can develop into a highly healthy adult. After all, he or she does need to learn how to work, and the last I checked, the best way to learn how to work is to work! Continue reading

Long work hours linked to increased heart risks

While writing this blog, I was listening to Simon and Garfunkel singing, “Slow down, you move too fast. You need to make the morning last.” At the same time, I found a Bloomberg News report claiming that “working overtime may be a killer, according to research that finds long hours on the job is a heart risk along with smoking, bad cholesterol and high blood pressure.” Continue reading

Employed by God: If you are a Christian and you are working in a secular position, are you working for God?

The delusion (the fixed false belief) that some people do sacred work for God while the rest of humanity settles by doing secular work is an ancient one. In Western thought, this idea developed from Greek philosophy, which taught that any kind of menial work with physical materials was beneath the gods or men who had the means to choose how they spent their time. Slaves did the menial work, while those with means spent time in pursuits of the mind: religion or philosophy. But, the Bible teaches something completely different: if you are a Christian and you are working in a secular position, you are working for God full time.

More Information: Continue reading