Faith-Based Health and Healing – Part 11 – Look to the Bible, Not Inner Voices, for Guidance

Alternative Medicine
When investigating an alternative therapy, be concerned about those that involve listening to other spirits. But what about listening to an inner guiding voice? Guidance by intuition and inner voices has become more in vogue today than guidance through reason and objective evidence. Postmodernism has contributed to this acceptance with its notion that we all create our own reality, that whatever we believe is OK. But, is it? More Information: (more…)
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Faith-Based Health and Healing – Part 10 – Biblical Characters Condemned for Pursuing Certain Forms of Healing

Alternative Medicine, Bioethics
The Bible recognizes the great temptation inherent in healing by evil spirits and illicit healers. The Old Testament describes an intense conflict between legitimate and illegitimate approaches to healing and spirituality. An incident involving King Ahaziah, the eighth king of Israel, clearly demonstrates this: More Information: (more…)
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Faith-Based Health and Healing – Part 9 – Life Energy and Medical Magic

Alternative Medicine, Cancer, Men's Health, Woman's Health
Alternative therapies based on “life energy” use principles just like those generally attributed to magic. Although “magic” is difficult to define concisely, magical practices do have common features. Magic involves specific techniques or rituals by which people attempt to manipulate supernatural powers to meet their immediate needs. How should Christians respond? More Information: (more…)
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Faith-Based Health and Healing – Part 8 – Illegitimate Spiritual Practices.

Alternative Medicine, Children's Health, General Health, Marriage and Family Health, Men's Health, Mental Health, Woman's Health
Alternative medicine as a whole is not rooted in any particular religious tradition, but some therapies are. A number of healing rituals and traditions are part of the Wiccan religion (also called “white witchcraft”). Eastern religions often view healing as dependent on the movement of “life energy” through nonphysical channels that coincide with the physical body. Native-American religion uses herbs as part of its healing rituals. In a number of nature religions, shamans contact spirit beings or guides to get advice on how to treat and heal those under their care. Should Christians be concerned about these practices? More Information: (more…)
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