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Little evidence that supplements help tinnitus

The Los Angeles TimesĀ reports that although “tinnitus can sometimes be treated with electronic masking devices” or “cognitive behavioral therapy,” a number of sufferers “end up looking for tinnitus relief in a pill.”

One such “homeopathic supplement” is called Quietus, which is said to contain a “powerful lineup of ingredients.”

Tinnitus Relief Formula, which is a capsule that “contains 120 milligrams of ginkgo biloba along with zinc and garlic extract,” is another option.

One audiologist pointed out, however, that “there’s no solid evidence that the supplements are of use.”

Jeff Carroll, director of the Tinnitus Treatment Center at UC Irvine, added, “We don’t recommend them.”

In fact, theĀ Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database rates no natural medication (herb, vitamin, or supplement) as “effective,” “probably effective,” or even “possibly effective” for tinnitus.

And, the NMCD rates gingko biloba and zinc as “possibly ineffective” for tinnitus.

Hopefully, one day we’ll have an effective and safe treatment for this malady, but right now, to search for one in the herbal or supplement world is a waste of time and money.