Top 10 Pro-Life News Stories of 2009

Bioethics, Health Headlines
President Barack Obama, abortion, the Supreme Court, and healthcare dominated pro-life news in 2009. As we look back on 2009, the first with a new pro-abortion president, it seems to me that the pro-life movement essentially is on the defensive. Thanks to a pro-abortion president and Congress, pro-life advocates spent most of their time this last year attempting to hold back the opening of the floodgates ushering in an expansion of abortion and taxpayer financing of it. With the health care debate continuing into the new year, those efforts will be forced to continue -- although the potential for pro-life gains in the 2010 elections provides significant hope for the future. So, with that in mind, the following are the top ten pro-life news stories of 2009, ranked according to…
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What’s the most proficient killing machine in the United States? It’s not the military!

Bioethics, Marriage and Family Health, Medical Economics, Woman's Health
The most proficient killing machine in the U.S. is the Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) – and according to their new annual report PPFA is committing more abortions than ever. Not only that, they bring in over $1 billion a year – a third from our tax dollars. "For decades now, Planned Parenthood has operated the most proficient killing machine in the United States," said Douglas R. Scott Jr., president of Life Decisions International (LDI) in a recent interview. "And for decades, the machine has killed more preborn children than the year before."   More Information: (more…)
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Sen. Brownback supports partial-birth abortion advocate, Governor Sebelius — pro-Lifers stunned

Bioethics, Woman's Health
According to, “Kansas' U.S. Senator Sam Brownback, who has long identified with the pro-life movement, has shocked pro-life leaders by supporting the nomination of extreme pro-abortion Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius as the next Secretary of Health and Human Services.” Brownback issued a joint statement with fellow senator from Kansas, Pat Roberts, congratulating the Governor. More Information: (more…)
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The War on Crisis Pregnancy Centers

Bioethics, Children's Health, Health Headlines, Woman's Health
As part of recent coverage on lowering abortion rates, Time magazine highlighted the role of the pregnancy center when it wrote, "(There is) evidence that the quiet campaign for women's hearts and minds, conducted in thousands of crisis pregnancy centers around the country, on billboards, phone banks and Web sites is having an effect." But if abortion rights supporters such as Planned Parenthood and others have their way, centers like LifeCare won't be available for women like Samantha. More information: (more…)
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You’re NOT going to believe this! Planned Parenthood Offers Walk-in Abortions With Webcam Doctor!!

Bioethics, Children's Health, General Health, Health Headlines, Marriage and Family Health, Mental Health, Woman's Health
Planned Parenthood of Greater Iowa is, believe it or not, now offering no appointment, walk-in abortions at its clinics without a physician on site. How will they do this? By offering dangerous RU-486 chemical abortions at all of their locations, with a Des Moines-based abortionist consulting by webcam. More Information: (more…)
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Barack Obama Repeats False Claim Abortions Haven’t Declined Under Bush

Bioethics, Health Headlines, Medical Economics, Woman's Health is reporting that during the presidential forum on Saturday night, pro-abortion presidential candidate Barack Obama repeated the erroneous claim that abortions have not declined under President Bush. The idea behind is the claim is to make it appear that pro-life policies don't reduce abortions. My Take? (more…)
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Explicit Sex Advice Videos on Oregon Planned Parenthood Site “Over the Top”

Bioethics, Children's Health, Health Headlines, Marriage and Family Health, Parenting
Note: This blog contains descriptions of a sexual nature that are inappropriate for children. is reporting that Planned Parenthood, the world's largest promoter of abortion and un-restricted sexual activity for young people, has gone "over the top" with a series of videos on the internet aimed at teens, says the American Life League. Titled, "Take Care Down There," the series of explicit videos features situations Planned Parenthood evidently believes are typical of those that young people will face and for which they require sex advice. In each, the conversation (or, in one case, the oral sex) is interrupted by an unidentified middle-aged man, who instructs the kids in the Planned Parenthood philosophies. My Take? (more…)
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Another Study Suggests Planned Parenthood at Fault in Abortion Drug Deaths

Bioethics, Health Headlines, Medical Economics, Woman's Health
LifeNews is reporting a study that suggests Planned Parenthood is at fault in the deaths of women in the United States from the abortion drug RU 486. The abortion business had been telling women to use the drug in a different way than the FDA guidelines suggested and the study shows it contributed to the deaths. So far, eight women have died from the use of the abortion drug, including women going to Planned Parenthood abortion centers in California. Planned Parenthood had been telling women to use the abortion drug vaginally, even though the FDA indicated oral use is safer for women. (more…)
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Is Planned Parenthood above the law?

Bioethics, Children's Health, Woman's Health
  A story out at the end of last week, Planned Parenthood Abortion Businesses Getting Bigger, asserts that “Planned Parenthood broke the $1 billion income threshold for the first time in its last fiscal year and pro-life advocates have often accused the ‘non-profit’ group of an obsession with making money. That appears to be the case …” Even more shocking is the assertion that this “non-profit” organization may be seeing itself as "above the law" -- at least according to researcher and family expert, Maggie Gallagher, who asks the question, "Is Planned Parenthood Above The Law?"  The article was distributed by Universal Press Syndicate and appeared on on April 22, 2008.  This is an excerpt from that article: (more…)
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