10 Tips for Pacifier Use and Pacifier Weaning

Children's Health, Parenting
Nah nah, sucky, paci, binky, nuk-nuk, tooky ... whatever kids call them, one of the most important facets of successfully using a pacifier is knowing when to stop using it. Though some physicians who care for children suggest weaning from the pacifier at about nine to 12 months – the same time you banish the bottle – others believe aiming to wean by about 18 months is good, too. Whenever you choose to wean baby, you can make the transition to being pacifier-free a little easier on you and your little one with the tips from the pros as reported by WebMD. (more…)
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Warning About Pacifiers Containing Honey

Children's Health, Nutritional Health, Parenting
One of the joys of my professional life is serving as a member of the visiting faculty of a Christian family medicine residency, In His Image, in Tulsa, OK. One of the residents recently sent out this note which is a good reminder to parents with children under one year of age. Hello everyone, I'm presently doing my rotation in outpatient Peds clinic. I just want to share something that caught our attention when a Hispanic mom brought her child in for a 2 month well child check. It was a usual normal well baby check until mom said that she gives her child a pacifier with honey on it. As we all know, giving honey to babies less than a year old is a health hazard as it can…
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