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Florida measles cases increasing as parents have children exempted from vaccinations

The St. Petersburg (FL) Times reports that so far this year in Florida that this year more cases of measles “have been reported” than in the last 14 years. Why? Parents choosing to not vaccinate their kids … harming both their kids and the kids of others. Continue reading

Alternative Medicine and Children – Part 6 – Vaccination and Alternative Medicine

The anti-vaccination movement has no better friends than in the alternative medicine world. In the Massachusetts study mentioned in my last blog, less than one-third of the homeopaths recommended immunization, and almost 10 percent actively opposed immunization. In England, the most common reason given for not having children immunized is the recommendation parents receive from a homeopath. Continue reading

Parents who refuse vaccines put other people’s children in harm’s way

For quite some time, I’d warned parents that not vaccinating their children is not only potentially harmful (or fatal) to their children, but also the children in your neighborhood or your children’s school.

Now, an op-ed in the Los Angeles Times backs up my contention. Pamela Nguyen, of UCLA’s Mattel Children’s Hospital, points out that, according to CDC data, “there were 197,000 measles deaths worldwide” in 2007. And, virtually all of the cases were in unvaccinated children.

The following year, Dr. Nguyen writes, “a seven-year-old unvaccinated child who was exposed to the virus while abroad” and ignited an outbreak in San Diego among mostly unvaccinated children.

Still, she writes, “many parents continue not to vaccinate their children.”

Some believe certain “vaccine-preventable diseases” are “no longer a threat,” while “parents in the San Diego outbreak … were afraid of autism.”

This is “creating large reservoirs of susceptibility, primarily in private and charter schools that are generally free from state restrictions.”

In other words, “by choosing not to vaccinate, parents put not only their own children, but also other peoples’ ‘children in harm’s way.'”