Most St. John’s Wort Supplements Fail Quality Tests

Alternative Medicine, Mental Health
As I report in my best-selling book, Alternative Medicine: The claims, the options, the evidence, how to choose wisely, St. John's wort can be a safe and effective antidepressant herb for mild to moderate depression. But, as I warned in my book, and as yet another independent quality testing lab reports, heavy metal contamination and low potency are still concerns. ConsumerLab reports, "St. John's wort has been shown to be effective in treating mild to moderate forms of major depression." But, the independent quality testing lab's newest report found that only a few of the herbal supplement brands recently tested met quality standards. Among the ten St. John's wort supplements selected for testing, only four (40%) met’s quality standards. In other words, 60% of the brands tested FAILED quality…
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The Top 10 Health Scares Of The Decade

General Health, Health Headlines
With disagreement over baby bottle chemical (bisphenol A), what’s a parent to do? While the past decade has seen great strides in medical technology, it hasn't seen solutions to all of our health problems. There were novel viruses that threatened to kill us all. There were toxins in our children's toys, and we were told to worry about the junk they were eating. Some of these threats turned out to be almost nonexistent. Others were arguably overblown. Some caused widespread harm. So what new threats have been robbing you of sleep since the annual odometer rolled over from 1999 to 2000? Here's a list from ABC News of the top ten new threats of the last ten years. 1) Swine Flu (H1N1) Since it came to public attention in the United States…
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Study Links Herbal Medicines to Lead Poisoning. How can you find safe herbs?

Alternative Medicine, General Health, Health Headlines, Medical Economics, Men's Health, Nutritional Health, Woman's Health
Fox News is commenting on a study published in the August 27 issue of JAMA in which medical researchers say that one-fifth of Ayurvedic herbal medicines sold on the Internet contain dangerously high levels of lead, arsenic and mercury. How’s a consumer to protect themselves? My Take? (more…)
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