Gum Disease Treatment Recommended During Pregnancy

Woman's Health
One of the joys for me in being a family physician is the honor I have had to attend the births of over 1500 of my patients. There's nothing quite like the experience (indeed, the miracle) of a birth. And, arriving at a safe and healthy birth involves a lot of prenatal prayer and excellent care. As part of my prenatal care, I've emphasized to women the critical value of brushing and flossing. Most of my patients did not know: (1) gum disease can be prevented, (2) gum disease can be safely treated during pregnancy, and (3) preventing or treating gum disease in pregnancy significantly reduces the risk of premature birth associated with periodontal disease. Here' s the latest article on the the most recent study looking at treating gum…
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Regular teeth brushing linked to healthier hearts

Heart Health
Your mom told you to brush your teeth at least twice a day. Now comes another study proving mom right. Long-time readers know that in at least one past blog, I've discussed the cardiovascular benefits of dental and gum health. Now comes a report from Reuters Health claiming "People who don't brush their teeth twice a day have an increased risk of heart disease." This new study adds scientific weight to 19th and 20th century theories about oral health and chronic disease. British researchers studied nearly 12,000 adults in Scotland and found those with poor oral hygiene had a 70 percent extra risk of heart disease compared with those who brushed twice a day and who were less likely to have unhealthy gums. People with gum disease are more likely to…
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