IF cell phones can cause brain cancer, what can you do to prevent it?

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A new alert about the safety of cell phones and the possibility that they might be associated with cancer (brain cancer in particular) has been reported by the World Health Organization (WHO). The statement comes from a panel of thirty-one scientists and has led to a flurry of reporters contacting me from around the country. So, what am I telling them ... and more important, what will I be telling my patients tomorrow? (more…)
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No link between cell phone towers and children’s cancer

Cancer, Children's Health, Parenting
The AP reports that "children whose mothers lived close to a mobile phone tower while pregnant did not appear to be at any higher risk of cancer than children whose mothers lived farther away," according to a study published in the British Medical Journal. Using a national birth registry, they identified 5,588 similar children without cancer." The Los Angeles Times "Booster Shots" blog wrote that "the team also gathered detailed data about all 81,781 cellphone towers that were operational in the country during that time, including each tower's location, height, output power, and how many antennas it had." The researchers found that, "in virtually every permutation of their calculations, there was no correlation between the cellphone towers and the cancer cases." Bloomberg News says that "the study is the largest of…
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Study on link between cell phone use and brain cancer inconclusive

Cancer, Men's Health, Woman's Health
The AP reports that "a major international study into the link between cell phone use and two types of brain cancer has proved inconclusive, according to a report due to be published" in the International Journal of Epidemiology. The data were "compiled by researchers in 13 countries including Britain, Canada, France, Germany, and Japan, but not the US." Scientists interviewed 12,848 participants, of which 5,150 had either meningioma or glioma tumors." The "10-year survey...found most cell phone use didn't increase the risk of developing meningioma -- a common and frequently benign tumor -- or glioma -- a rarer but deadlier form of cancer." The Washington Post "Post Tech" blog reported that the report "concluded there were 'suggestions' that heavy use could increase the risk of glioma, but 'biases and error prevent…
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The Top 10 Health Scares Of The Decade

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With disagreement over baby bottle chemical (bisphenol A), what’s a parent to do? While the past decade has seen great strides in medical technology, it hasn't seen solutions to all of our health problems. There were novel viruses that threatened to kill us all. There were toxins in our children's toys, and we were told to worry about the junk they were eating. Some of these threats turned out to be almost nonexistent. Others were arguably overblown. Some caused widespread harm. So what new threats have been robbing you of sleep since the annual odometer rolled over from 1999 to 2000? Here's a list from ABC News of the top ten new threats of the last ten years. 1) Swine Flu (H1N1) Since it came to public attention in the United States…
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Study shows no link between increased cell phone use and brain cancer incidence

General Health
The first week of December, most new outlets reported, as did NBC Nightly News on 12/3, "There's been speculation for years that there's been a link between" cell phones and brain cancer, but "the results of a very large, very long study of just about everybody in Scandinavia found no link." This is great news for all of us who use cell phones. USA Today reported that, according to the study, published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, researchers found "no link between rising cell phone use and rates of brain cancer." The finding is "consistent with most other studies," but Melissa Bondy, of MD Anderson Cancer Center, noted that "even if the study had found an increase in brain tumor rates," cell phones may not be "to…
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