Bariatric surgery should be considered as treatment for diabetics with severe obesity

Nutritional Health, Obesity
Recently a friend at church, who is obese and has type 2 diabetes, asked if she should consider bariatric surgery. For my friend and the millions of Americans battling obesity and type 2 diabetes, here's the stunning recent recommendation: Gastric bypass surgery may actually reverse type 2 diabetes almost instantly before patients lose an ounce of weight. (more…)
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Surgery better than diet, exercise in morbidly obese teens

Children's Health, Nutritional Health
Reuters is reporting that severely (morbidly) obese teens who had surgery to limit what they could eat lost more weight and enjoyed more health benefits than those who did an intensive lifestyle program. Researchers announced that 21 of 25 severely obese teens aged 14 to 18 who underwent a form of gastric banding lost more than half of their excess weight compared with just 3 out of 25 who did a diet, exercise and behavior modification program. "In this study, gastric banding proved to be an effective intervention leading to a substantial and durable reduction in obesity and to better health," Dr. Paul O'Brien of Monash University in Melbourne, Australia, and colleagues wrote in the Journal of the American Medical Association. O'Brien and colleagues evaluated the effectiveness of Allergan Inc's Lap-Band…
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