Antioxidant supplements boost male fertility

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In my book, Alternative Medicine: The options, the claims, the evidence, how to choose wisely, in my chapter on antioxidants, I conclude, "The best advice is to meet most of your antioxidant needs through a healthy diet supplemented by a single multivitamin." However, there are some cases where taking antioxidant supplements may be helpful. For example, a new report has found that men who take antioxidants while trying to get their partner pregnant are four times more likely to succeed than men who do not. And, the type doesn't matter -- vitamin E, zinc, magnesium all work. The researchers say they "just don't understand why." MedPage Today reported that "antioxidant supplements may boost fertility for men," according to the study published in the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews. After pooling "the results from…
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Are multivitamins helpful or harmful when it comes to preventing chronic diseases?

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According to the LA Times, “a spate of high-profile studies published in the last few years shows that a variety of popular supplements -- including calcium, selenium, and vitamins A, C and E -- don't do anything to reduce the risk of developing heart disease, stroke, or a variety of cancers.” And, the New York Times is reporting, “In the past few years, several high-quality studies have failed to show that extra vitamins, at least in pill form, help prevent chronic disease or prolong life.” But what about multivitamins? Are they helpful or harmful More Information: (more…)
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