Tips for Taming the TV

Children's Health
Tips for Taming Television (From God's Design for the Highly Healthy Child by Dr. Walt Larimore. All rights reserved) Television viewing doesn’t have to be out of control. Parents can set limits and teach children to make wise viewing choices. Consider the following suggestions, which are adapted from a sidebar in Dr. Daphne Miller’s WebMD article titled Television’s Effects on Kids: It Can Be Harmful: (more…)
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Warning Signs of Quackery and Fraud – Part 2

Alternative Medicine, General Health
Here's Part 2 of an excerpt from my and Donal O'Mathuna's book, Alternative Medicine: The options, claims, evidence, how to choose wisely. You find the book here. Next week, I’ll post another five warning signs. 6. Are technical words used without a clear definition? “Energy” is one of those words. Claims that a therapy “boosts energy” can mean anything from the common idea that you feel better able to do things, to Eastern ideas of promoting the flow of chi or prana. Introducing ideas from quantum physics is usually not necessary if the product really works. Information sheets should clarify, not baffle with mind-boggling gobbledy-gook. (more…)
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Should Parents Refuse Abortion-Based Vaccines?

Bioethics, Children's Health, Parenting
There’s a news story out this week about a Coast Guard officer who was told that he must take a vaccine that was derived based on tissue from an unborn child that had been aborted.  The officer refused the vaccine based upon his religious beliefs that abortion is wrong. After a lawsuit was filed by the Alliance Defense Fund, the Coast Guard decided to allow a religious exemption. "Members of our military should never have to choose between honoring their country and honoring their faith," argued ADF attorneys in the case of Coast Guard officer Joseph Healy. I agree with my friend, Tony Perkins, President of the Family Research Council, who said, "We applaud the military for recognizing that Healy is deserving of the same freedoms that he has spent…
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The power of a healthy marriage

General Health, Marriage and Family Health
A good marriage is a great way to avoid loneliness and cultivate a warm and supportive relationship. Two news stories this week report that good marriages impact physical health. These stories confirm much previous research that shows that people who are happily married not only tend to live longer than those who are unmarried, but also appear to live more highly healthy lives; they have increased quantity and quality of life. (more…)
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