Reading, Writing and … Running?

You want your children to excel in the classroom? Just have them focus on the “Three R’s”: Reading, Writing and … Running? Well, don’t forget arithmetic. But don’t overlook the importance of keeping your child’s body, and not just their brain, fit.

Which diet is the best?

Here’s a question I get asked a lot: “Which diet is the best to lose weight?” There’s a lot to weigh out when it comes to diets, mainly because there is a buffet of approaches and opinions. And frankly, many are bad ones. But is there a “best one”?

Teens and Breast Cancer

The teen years—a time for learning to drive, going to that first prom, and … fighting breast cancer? That may sound far-fetched, but some experts believe breast cancer prevention should start as early as puberty.

A Deaf Ear to Your Heart

It’s been said your body speaks to you, but when it comes to men and their heart, many aren’t listening. Research shows for most men suffering sudden cardiac arrest, the condition wasn’t sudden at all. The men just ignored the early warning signs.

Laundry and Dishwasher Pod Dangers

Laundry packs are a hot trend when it comes to doing that weekly wash. They’re concentrated, convenient, effective, and … are easy to eat. Now, that last part isn’t exactly a benefit, but unfortunately it’s happening in many homes with young children, with hazardous results.

Vindication for Chocolate

You just wrapped up Valentine’s Day, and chocolate has been the staple food in many diets. That’s good news! Well, sort of. Now I don’t advocate overindulgence, but here are a few reasons you can enjoy the rest of your Valentine’s dark chocolate without guilt.

Passing Colds Around

A mom asked me, “How can I keep all of us from getting sick once one of us is?” Wow. If you have kids, that’s the eternal question. The spread of colds is not hard to prevent, as there’s plenty you can do to suppress those sniffles.

Strike Out on Strokes

Weakness on one side of the body, droopiness of the facial muscles, or slurred speech—these are classic symptoms of what life-threatening condition? If you said “a stroke,” you’re right. But, if you have those symptoms, what should you do? Hopefully more than most of us.

Bad Online Advice

Would you buy a house over the Internet? How about a car? Many people won’t make important purchases online, but they trust sites offering medical advice, sometimes with dangerous results.

Protecting Your Memory

A listener writes, “What can I do about my memory? I’m still young but so forgetful.” Well, unless you’re in your golden years, you’re most likely suffering from the regular memory lapses we all have. And some of us are just more forgetful than others.