Larimore Bi-Monthly Prayer Letter (August 15 – October 14, 2014)

In this prayer letter: PRAYER REQUESTS 1)   Writing Projects PRAISES AND ANSWERS TO PRAYERS 1)   Girls’ Book Featured by Sam’s Club 2)   Scott’s New Assignment 3)   The Land In-Between EVENTS OF THE LAST TWO MONTHS EVENTS OF THE NEXT TWO MONTHS RECENT PUBLICATIONS AND INTERVIEWS 1)   Girl’s Book Featured on Focus on the Family Canada […]

Commonsense health activities delay or prevent Alzheimer’s

NBC Nightly News reported, “There is new hope tonight in the fight against Alzheimer’s disease.” Among some of the research presented at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark is a “landmark study” offering “the first concrete proof that some of the things people have been doing to prevent Alzheimer’s may actually work.”

Larimore Family Newsletter – August 2014

Here are the contents of this month’s Family Newsletter: Girls’ Book Featured by Sam’s Club Dr. Walt Interview Featured on Focus on the Family Canada Scott’s New Assignment The Land In-Between Brahman Bulls, Quarter Horses, and Me “Finding ‘True Health’” and “Health and Happiness in the Bible” “Laugher is the Best Medicine” and “Heart-Healthy Humor” Events of […]

Poor sleep results in academic failures

USA Today reported in “Voices from Campus” that “a small study from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine” found that “the effects of poor sleep can result in academic failures – poor grades, withdrawal from class, etc. – equal to that of students who binge drink or use marijuana.”

America IS something to celebrate

A  Bloomberg poll last year found that just 26% of Americans believe the country is on the right track, while a whopping 66% fell it is on the wrong track. And, according to a Gallup poll of the same vintage, 55% of Americans felt it was likely that today’s children would face a lower standard of living than their parents. […]

Don’t wash your chicken before grilling this July 4th

Grandma taught you. Maybe your mom did too. Really, everyone did it—even Julia Childs. Now I’m telling you to stop. The practice can leave unseen bacteria and germs all over your kitchen, plus may increase your risk of food-borne illness. And the solution runs contrary to everything you’ve been taught. What is this dangerous, controversial practice?

Larimore Family Newsletter – July 2014

Here are the contents of this month’s Family Newsletter: One Year Anniversary Thanks to many of you for supporting our “Walk for Life” New “Larimore” tour of Bryson City The Ultimate Girls’ Body Book is still getting great reviews! Events of the last month Upcoming Events

CDC: teen births declined dramatically last year

The Wall Street Journal reports that according to a report released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the rate of births to US adolescent girls between the ages of 15 and 19 declined dramatically in 2013 to a record low. In girls ages 15 to 17, birth rates declined a record 68 percent.

Larimore Family Newsletter – June 2014

Here are the contents of this month’s Family Newsletter: Laughter is the best medicine Will you support our “Walk for Life”? New “Larimore” tour of Bryson City My newest book, The Ultimate Girls’ Body Book, is available Events of the last month Upcoming Events