Larimore Family Newsletter – May 2014

Here are the contents of this month’s Family Newsletter: Signed copies of my newest book, The Ultimate Girls’ Body Book, are available Will you support our “Walk for Life”? Health tips for international travel When Children Die Because They’re Overweight Events of the last month Upcoming Events

Larimore Bi-Monthly Prayer Letter (April 15 – June 14, 2014)

In this prayer letter: PRAYER REQUEST: (1) Walk for Life; and (2) Possible Writing Project EVENTS OF THE LAST TWO MONTHS and EVENTS OF THE NEXT TWO MONTHS PRAISES AND ANSWERS TO PRAYERS: Morning Glory, Evening Grace Devotional PUBLICATIONS: (1) Health tips for international travel; (2) When Children Die Because They’re Overweight; and (3)   The abortifacient effect of […]

CDC: US Autism rates increasing

A report issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reveals that one in 68 US children has received a diagnosis of an autism spectrum disorder. The figures represent a 29 percent increase from two years ago. The increase likely means that more cases are being discovered due to heightened awareness.

When Children Die Because They’re Overweight

I have an article in the January issue of Charisma Magazine entitled, “When Children Die Because They’re Overweight.” You can read the article here. The abstract to the article says, “To develop good health and nutrition practices, children and young people need responsible adult examples.” I hope the article will be helpful to you and your family.

Easing “the graduation to glory”

It’s a moment most of us dread—a solemn-faced doctor enters a room, looks you in the eyes, and says you only have a few months to live. As a doctor, I’ve had to deliver that news, and it’s never easy. Yet, there’s something that can make a difference for most terminal patients.

The abortifacient effect of the birth control pill

When one is led to write, and has the privilege of being published, one is not usually aware of the breadth and depth of impact one can have. Recently I became aware of an article in the Celebrate Life Magazine titled “A Pharmacist’s Journey to the Truth,” in which my writing and research played a role.

Overdosing with OTC drugs

It’s likely that your family regularly uses it. It shows up in hundreds of everyday products. If fact, you even give it to your kids. Yet, this drug is the nation’s leading cause of liver failure, and is one of the top drugs causing overdoses around the world. What is it?

Is your baby’s food worse than fast food?

Your baby is hungry, so you take a cheeseburger and fries, or maybe a candy bar. Put them in a blender, then pour it in a baby food jar. Of course, that’s ridiculous, and highly unhealthy. But that’s what many unsuspecting parents do every day when they open a jar of baby food.

Don’t nix your baby’s naps

A mom asked me, “My toddler’s naps keep me from getting stuff done during the afternoon. Is skipping them a big deal?” Well, don’t lose sleep if your child misses an occasional nap. That said, lots of evidence points to keeping them—especially for preschoolers.

WHO issues new draft guidelines on sugar consumption

The Wall Street Journal reports that the World Health Organization (WHO) has issued new draft guidelines on sugar consumption. The Los Angeles Times “Science Now” blog reports that even though the WHO “reiterates its 2002 recommendation that no more than 10% of daily calories come in the form of sugar,” the organization “adds that people […]

Baby steps to a healthier you

Sally complained to me, “I’m frustrated! Guidelines for healthy blood pressure and blood sugar have been lowered, while the recommended amount of daily exercise has been raised.” As a result, Sally was ready to surrender the fight for fitness.

Larimore Family Newsletter – April 2014

Here are the contents of this month’s Family Newsletter: My newest book, The Ultimate Girls’ Body Book, is available Listen to my interview on Connecting Faith Girls’ book featured by iMOM The abortifacient effect of the birth control pill Health tips for international travel When Children Die Because They’re Overweight Events of the last month […]

Stroke warning signs

Seismologists know that small tremors can be a warning sign of bigger earthquakes to come. The same thing can happen with a stroke. Your body gives you signs that a major one is on the way. Unfortunately, most ignore the message.

Supplement Shocker

Here’s another reason to get serious about your supplements—simply said, you may be putting your health at risk. A new report links dietary supplements to nearly 20 percent of drug-related liver injuries. And that estimate is probably low.