Give Thanks

One recent Thanksgiving my wife and I sat around the table with a small group of family and friends. One of them asked if we could practice a tradition her family had done for years.

Study: Label changes for cough and cold medicine led to reduced ED visits for young children

Prior to 2007, thousands of children were seen in ERs around the country after taking over-the-counter (OTC) infant cough and cold medications (CCMs) that they should not have taken. Then, October 2007, manufacturers voluntarily withdrew OTC CCMs from the US market. Until now, we didn’t know for sure how much this helped. Now, the data are in […]

FDA to phase out trans fat

News that the FDA plans to eliminate artificial trans fats, which are found in many baked goods, and are said to be responsible for thousands of heart attacks and deaths, met with wide approval from nearly all health experts, including me.

Anti-Vaccine Zealots Denounced in New Republic

Julia Ioffe (a Russian-American journalist and blogger, whose writings have been published by The Columbia Journalism Review, The Washington Post, The New Yorker, Foreign Policy, Forbes, The New Republic and Russia!) has come down with the 100-day cough, also known as whooping cough or pertussis and her career has been immobilized because of the whoops […]

Vitamin Labels

When shopping for vitamins, it can be hard to make the right choice. There are piles of products and a bevy of brands—and is there really a difference? The truth may be a hard pill to swallow.

Today’s Diets: Do They Work? Fact versus Fiction

Most of my patients have tried at least one diet in their lifetime. As a physician, I need to understand the various dieting fads to best offer advice that encourages long-term lifestyle changes through healthy, nutritious eating. But, I also want my patients (and you) to be aware of the risks and benefits of some […]

Leonard Sax: Blame Parents, Not Kids, for Sexting

Dr. Leonard Sax is a family physician and author, who recently published an article in the Wall Street Journal, which I found both compelling and convicting. Although I might have worded some thoughts differently, I agree with his conclusions. If you have a teen or pre-teen, do not fail to consider his advice.

Yipes! Twelve percent of imported spices contaminated

The New York Times reports new findings released by the Food and Drug Administration found about “12 percent of spices brought to the United States are contaminated with insect parts, whole insects, rodent hairs and other things,” and almost “7 percent of spice imports examined by federal inspectors were contaminated with salmonella.”