Humor and Health

You’ve probably filed the saying, “Laughter is the best medicine,” right next to “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” However, you may want to take humor more seriously.

ADHD and Girls

New research shows that attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD, is diagnosed in more than ten percent of children. Now, you’ve heard the stories of hyperactive boys getting into trouble, but the most recent statistics suggest ADHD is an equal opportunity problem. Nearly as many girls suffer from the condition, but many aren’t diagnosed.

Get your flu shot ASAP!

My friend, Nancy Lundy, a health professional with a large cardiology group here in Colorado Springs, posted this on FaceBook a few days ago: People in Colorado please hear me tonight. If you have not had a flu shot go and get one right now. We have had several young healthy people die this week. […]

FDA questions antibacterial soaps

News of FDA questioning the safety of antibacterial soaps highlights what I’ve told you in the past: antibacterial soaps are likely no better than regular soaps and may even be associated with adverse health effects. Now, Federal regulators are asking makers of antibacterial soaps “to prove they are not only better but also that they […]

Glucosamine for Osteoarthritis

I’ve had several patients ask me about using glucosamine to help treat osteoarthritis—the most common form of arthritis. It has been touted to help with joint pain, but are the claims a stretch? Though research has been conflicting, overall results seem to point to positive results—but not for everyone.

Resolutions 2

A resolution can be life changing or more dreaded than that leftover holiday fruitcake. If you’ve been working on one for the New Year, here are a few tips for success. 

Magic Workouts

You’re planning your New Year exercise program and voila! You read about seven-minute and four-minute workouts. Can you really cut your daily exercise to less than ten minutes and still magically reap the benefits?

Winter Skin

A patient asks, “What do I do about dry skin during the winter? Even using lotion I end up with dry, cracked hands and itchy skin.” Well, walking in a winter wonderland may be pretty, but your skin doesn’t always feel that way. Winter air dries your skin—and so does the heat in our homes. The […]

Simpler Holidays

You made it through the holidays. But are you filled with joy or frazzled from stress? Nearly eighty percent of us expect the holidays to add anxiety, exhaustion, and debt—and none of those add up to good health.

My Most Popular Blogs for 2013

Here are the top 25 blogs you, my dear readers, read during 2013, with the number of unique readers listed in the parenthesis. I am pleased to serve you this way and hope you’ll recommend this blog to your friends, colleagues, contacts, and family. Have a Blessed New Year.

Deflate the Spare Tire

So many of us fight it—the spare tire—that bulging belly that seems to increase every year—especially around the holidays. You may see it as an inevitable part of aging, but too much of a spare tire could leave you with a major health blowout.

Patient Rights

A patient asked me, “With all of the changes in the healthcare system, do we still have any rights left?” Well, there are a lot of changes. But one thing isn’t changing—you have a long list of rights—that you have a right to know about, to help you and your doctor work together better.